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Kapow Conference Extend

Keep exhibitors and attendees networking after the show floor closes at your next conference. Kapow Conference Extend makes it easy to extend the show floor into the surrounding city, and gives your exhibitors more face time and value from the experience.

What you’ll get

  • Branded microsite and marketing materials: Make it easy for exhibitors and sponsors to find and book unique experiences including dinners, cocktail events, catered shopping experiences, sporting events and interactive activities near the convention center or hotel.

  • Strategic partnerships and event expertise: Kapow’s event experts are available to help your exhibitors and sponsors find, book and optimize events for success. For more complex, multi-element events, we'll connect event hosts with our Platinum team to design and produce a fully customized event.

  • Custom reporting: Access data that showcases the after-hours business your conference brought to your sponsors and the surrounding area. You'll also get valuable insights about the experiences attendees viewed and booked to inform future conferences.

Crush your next conference

Make the most of your face time with prospects at your next conference! Find out how. Download the Conference Crush whitepaper