Scoring tickets for corporate groups

In June 2014, Kapow announced that we had access to suites for a sold out Jay-Z and Beyonce show at Soldier Field. We sold five suites within 24 hours. One of our top prospects booked a suite within minutes. If we knew all they wanted was a little Lemonade, we would have asked Bey to get on tour much sooner. Lesson learned: sports and entertainment events make for great client experiences. Here’s why it’s essential to score tickets for corporate groups.

Tickets for corporate groups

The casual atmosphere

Getting out of the office or stuffy board room puts everyone at ease. And heading outside or attending a big sporting event allows guests to relax and connect in ways that the same old steakhouse down the street doesn’t. Plus, you can always form a mutual connection making fun of the guys wearing no shirts and body paint in 12-degree weather, unless that guy is your client. Then, tread lightly. 

It’s impressive 

We have all been through the frustration of logging into Ticketmaster exactly at 10AM to snag Justin Bieber—I mean Rolling Stones—tickets, and getting the dreaded SOLD OUT alert at 10:01AM . This is where Kapow comes in. If the concert is sold out, it’s not a problem. We can still hook you up with tickets for corporate groups. Plus, you’ll look like a rockstar in front of your client for getting the VIP seats to a sold out show. Giving your clients something they can’t get on their own is something that will resonate with them on a personal level.
Tickets for corporate groups_2

It’s an experience

At Kapow we’re all about creating experiences and putting a twist on the standard corporate event. No need to tweak anything for a great ticketed event—it’s already something outside the norm. It’s impossible for even a fair-weather or indifferent fan to not get swept up in the big moment. Whether it’s the excitement on the court or off the field it’s sure to keep your clients talking about it for years to come.

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