The Suite Life: Why Book Suites for Corporate Events

September 30, 2016 | Posted in Around Town, Event Tips, Sports

Suite viewAt Kapow, we know that the key to executing the perfect corporate event making sure the guests feel like they are participating in a unique and special experience. As the host, you need to make them feel like VIPs—and part of that is having an event that catches their attention and gets them there. This is why treating clients to a night in a suite for a local team is a winner, no matter what the score is.

The VIP vibe

SuitesA first impression is long lasting, so make sure your client’s entrance is a grand one. Nothing feels more special than bypassing the long security lines and entering a stadium through a private VIP entrance. From there,  your guests will be led to your seats by a suite attendant. By the time your guests get to their suite, they’ll already feel like a hot shot.


The intrigue

Suite 2You may have planned the best event ever, but it all means nothing if your client is a no-show. The best way to get your clients to an event—make it something they can’t resist. And while your client might feel ok skipping out on your 50-person happy hour, they probably won’t want to give up their spot on a Barclays Center private tour and VIP suite. Not only will they have the best seats in the house, but they’ll see the hot spots where Jay Z and Rihanna go to in their spare time. And who could skip that outing?

The price tag

At many stadiums and arenas, the only way to secure a suite is to purchase a full season suite. While this gives you suite ownership, it also means that in order to get ROI, you need to be entertaining clients three days a week from October through April. This is exhausting for even the best salespeople and biggest sports fans. But now, because of Kapow’s partnerships with sports teams nationwide, you have the ability to choose the game you want to attend and book it online to maximize your attendance and ROI. And we’ll worry about filling it the rest of the season—not you. 

Suite 3

Sure, we’ve got you covered with suite attendants, private space and great views of the game, but Kapow doesn’t just give you a suite—we focus on the perks. Hang with a Clippers girl at the Staples Center. Or if a suite isn’t enough for you, slap hands with players in the tunnel at an Atlanta Falcons game. No matter the team and no matter their record, we like to offer up the best VIP experiences. So browse through our sports and entertainment events—which can be booked online—and welcome to the suite life.





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