The Best Venues For Your NFL Watch Party

Football season is upon us, and for the canny events organizer, a Sunday afternoon or Monday night football game can be a great way to tap into your colleagues’ interests and build some team camaraderie. If tailgating’s not your thing—or you happen to inhabit a part of the country that doesn’t get nice weather year round—you might consider hosting a watch party. Not only do watch parties have a lower cost per head but they’re fun no matter what team you happen to represent. Fortunately, there is no shortage of amazing venues on Kapow’s site that are the perfect setting for a watch party.

Dave & Buster’s

We’ve already written about why Dave & Buster’s is perfect for a holiday party, but were you aware they’re available for more general viewing events as well? With massive TVs stationed all around their space, Dave & Buster’s ensures that you’ll get the best viewing experience possible.

Have guests who aren’t so into football on your team? Not a problem at Dave & Buster’s. Even a viewing party comes with unlimited use of the venue’s video games and $20 worth of ticketed games—perfect for winning big at the prize counter.

sideBAR, NYC

With a convenient Union Square location and 21 high-def TVs, sideBAR is the perfect location to host a New York City NFL viewing party. Combine that with innovative cocktails, a mid-shelf open bar and upscale takes on classic sports bar cuisine, and you’ve got yourself a winner. It’s a great place to get cautiously optimistic about the Jets or burn your Eli Manning jersey in effigy. Regardless of which New York team happens to have your allegiance, NY football fans will have a great time cheering, drinking and socializing with colleagues.

Field House, Philadelphia

Enjoy a laid-back private sports viewing experience in the heart of Philadelphia’s City Center at Field House. Your guests will enjoy a generous, elevated beer menu and food platters filled with traditional Philadelphia fare. Upon arriving at the space, attendees will be escorted to a private space where they can enjoy the game and schmooze while watching the game on over 35 HDTVs throughout the space.

Kaiser Tiger, Chicago

Kaiser Tiger’s beer hall-inspired design and menu make it the perfect place to get cozy and watch a football game. Located directly off of Chicago’s Union Square Park, Kaiser Tiger is close to downtown via public transit and gives a phenomenal view of the city’s skyline. It’s perfect for gazing forlornly out while contemplating the Bears’ current 33% win percentage.

With scrumptious appetizers ranging from traditional pretzels and sausages to deep-fried bacon, you’re sure to have a hit on your hands with a football watch party at Kaiser Tiger.

Bottled Blonde, Scottsdale/Phoenix

Combining the ambiance of of a traditional German biergarten with a delicious contemporary Italian-style menu, Bottled Blonde is the perfect space to host an NFL viewing party. Guests will be able to choose between sitting inside or outside at picnic-style tables all while enjoying passed and stationed Italian-style food and a premium bar.

With banks of TVs and an open-air ambience you can only get in the country’s Southwest, it’s a no-brainer spot to watch Sunday afternoon football.

Can’t find what you’re looking for, or not a football fan? Check out kapow.com and see what other events we’ve got for you.


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