We’re excited to announce that we’re bringing our corporate events marketplace to three new cities – Las Vegas, Minneapolis and Seattle!

On June 1, these three cities will continue our mission to provide the best corporate entertainment experiences with greater efficiency and less cost. Teams in each city are already working with the best venues and entertainment partners to create engaging experiences for companies to connect with their clients in new ways.

karen_carlough (1)The Las Vegas office marks a new endeavor for Kapow. As a hub for conferences and other corporate events, Kapow will offer visiting companies the opportunity to entertain clients and guests with everything from backstage tours to celebrity chef dining experiences. General Manager Karen Carlough and her team are gearing up to bring clients the best “What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas” adventures yet.

john_waller (2)Kapow is also expanding its roots in the Midwest. General Manager John Waller will lead our Minneapolis office in serving the Twin Cities. With 15 years of leadership and sales experience, he’s dedicated to exceeding client expectations and is excited to connect the impressive list of major corporations in the Twin Cities with our venue partners.

Leading thrick_blue (1)e Seattle office is Rick Blue, an experienced sales manager who specializes in delivering creative exuberance to corporate clients in the Pacific Northwest. As one of the country’s fastest growing job markets, Seattle is a prime target for Kapow and the team is excited to show this thriving city just how fun corporate events can be.

With the addition of these new markets, Kapow is live in a total of 14 of the most popular cities in the country. We’re committed to continuously building our presence in the U.S. and beyond, helping companies more easily and effectively engage their clients through interactive and unique corporate events.



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