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The last installment of Trevor Tracker recapped my trip to the wonderful city of Atlanta, Georgia. It’s now time for me to leave the southern hospitality of the ATL and head to the city of brotherly love, Philadelphia. Established in 1682, Philly has some real American history inside its city limits, which I set out to explore. Also cheesesteak; I set out to ‘explore’ a lot of restaurants with cheesesteak. And let me tell you, it was quite an adventure.

SOUTH Jazz & Kitchen

The best way to kick off any trip is of course with a virtual tour photoshoot, so I visited SOUTH Jazz & Kitchen. After indulging in some fine southern cuisine, I popped into the Jazz club for some live music. For making me feel right at home with their hospitality, I decided to hook them up with a virtual tour of the space. I also had a chance to sit down with the GM, Harry, to learn more about how SOUTH Jazz & Kitchen came to be and where their unique taste comes from. Be sure to check out the interview and book your next event at SOUTH Jazz & Kitchen.

Mmmmm Cheesesteak

Even though I made the trip to capture 360 tours for our venue partners, I created a separate tour for myself: a cheesesteak taste-testing tour. I roll with cheese wiz, onions, mushrooms and mayo, which I think would get a the approval of most locals. After giving Jim’s, Pat’s, Geno’s, and Tony Luke’s a try throughout the trip, Tony Luke’s wins the award for my favorite cheesesteak by a very slim margin.

Garces Group

There are a number of large restaurant groups in Philadelphia, none bigger than the Garces Group, by chef Jose Garces, which has an impressive 14 unique restaurants. So, I couldn’t make a trip to Philadelphia without paying them a visit. So I made a stop at some of my favorites in the family, Garces Trading Co. and JG Domestic. Take your own tour of Garces Trading Co. and book a mozzarella demo. Or walk through JG Domestic and book a flatbread-making class.

Just Like The Movies

As promised, I made sure to do my duty as an American citizen and visit some of the most exciting historic landmarks Philly has to offer. First stop, where our founding fathers started it all, Independence Hall. It looked exactly as I pictured minus Nicolas Cage frantically looking around for things to steal. I then went across the street to see the Liberty Bell, and I can confirm, it’s still cracked. Lastly I channeled my inner boxing legend by running to and up the stairs of the Philadelphia Art Museum as seen in the movie Rocky.

Charlie was a sinner.

I decided to squeeze in one more 360 tour at Charlie was a sinner to wrap up my trip to the beautiful city of Philadelphia. This all vegan bar and lounge offers an amazing mixology demo and dining space complete with candle lighting. Take a walk through Charlie was a sinner and book your next event at the popular Philly venue.

Next Stop: Phoenix

As much as I’ve enjoyed my time on the East Coast, it’s time to head west and soak up the sun. So, I’m headed to The Valley of the Sun, Phoenix, where I’ll catch some sunsets in the mountains. I also have a lot of cheesesteaks to walk off with a few outdoor hikes. I might even consider doing a couple virtual tours—we’ll see. So stayed tuned for the next episode to find out. Be sure to visit Kapow.com for all of your corporate event needs!


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