Kapow + Cvent: The Perfect Match for Delivering Unique Corporate Events at Scale

Earlier this week we announced that Kapow is now part of Cvent. We are thrilled to be joining forces with an organization that shares our passion for live events. Since 1999, Cvent’s event technology has powered more than 2.7 million live events around the world.  What does this mean for you? Cvent will be keeping…

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Calculating Post-Event Return On Investment

In our previous segments, we’ve gone into how to curate the perfect event list and how to get your stakeholders involved in your planning process (and why it’s a good idea). Let’s assume you’ve just wrapped up your event, it’s now time to calculate your return on investment—and both of our previously covered topics are…


Kapow’s Tips for Ordering Wine

If you find yourself struggling to order wine at a client dinner, figuring out which wine to choose or at a loss for the proper wine tasting techniques, we’re here to help. You can’t judge a book by its cover, and you definitely can’t judge a wine by its bottle. Price, quality, and taste are…


2018 Mid-Year Event Trends

You can typically predict the success of a corporate event by analyzing a few key elements —invitation strategy, timeline and location. But, without question, the coolness factor reigns as a key predictor to how many qualified prospects will be checking in day of and how much face time your sales team will land. To ensure…


Getting Stakeholders Involved In Event Planning

Last week, we discussed how to create the perfect event invite list. Astute readers may have noticed, however, that we recommended roping your stakeholders into event planning. If this seemed strange to you, never fear! We’re here to explain why it’s important to loop your stakeholders in when you’re planning an event. Why keep stakeholders…


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Creating The Perfect Invite List For Your Next Event

As we roll into the summer, any field marketer worth their salt will be planning events—and lots of them. Previously, we’ve walked you through planning tips such as check-in strategies, cutting down on screen time at events and resources for guest security and safety. Today though, we’ll share tips for one of the most important…


Event Tips For When You Can’t Tour The Venue

Marketers planning events have their work cut out for them. Between deciding what kind of event to host, who to invite and defining your event goals, you’ll also need to make the all important decision of where to host. But what if you’re planning an event in a market other than the one you’re sitting…


Out Of This World Events for Star Wars Day

May the Fourth be with you, as they say! It’s Star Wars Day 2018, and while we don’t recommend donning your Jedi robes or taking your blaster into work, you can still have a lot of fun. Even if you don’t have a Millennium Falcon or an X-Wing you can zip off to Coruscant in,…


Five Flawless Event Check-In Strategies

Statistically speaking, you're going to put in a lot of effort prepping for an event. Between planning the agenda and driving attendance, it might seem like the work is over when you get to the event. However, preparation is only half the battle. Once you've done all the prep work, you still need to ensure guests have a good experience. Fortunately, one of the easiest ways to start an event off on the right foot is to brush up on check-in strategies. Check out some of our tips for a flawless check-in experience. 1. Don't skimp on the name tags…