First Look — Year in Review: Popular events and trends in 2018

December 17, 2018 | Posted in News

When you love event data as much as we do,  it’s hard to wait until Q1 to tally up the previous year’s most popular events, blogs and locations. We couldn’t stand the suspense, so we’re giving ourselves — and you — a sneak peek at 2018’s most popular event trends before 2018 comes to a close. There are some surprises  (a clambake snuck into the top 10 this year!) and some trends that aren’t quite so shocking (you all really, really love pizza). Whether you planned an intimate VIP dinner or a multi-city roadshow, you hosted 1,000s of events this year and found lots of inspiration from our amazing network of venue partners.

We’re hard at working taking all of our 2018 event data to make a 2018 event trends infographic, but we didn’t want to make you wait until next year to see the hottest trends, so we’re giving you an early glimpse into Kapow’s 2018 client event data. Check out our early findings below and make sure to keep an eye out for the complete guide in early 2019

Top 10 Most Popular Experiences 

  1. Pizza Tossing at Main Kitchen in Houston
  2. Bocce Ball at Chicago Athletic Association in Chicago
  3. Escape Room Races Outdoor Escape in Chicago 
  4. Pizza Tossing at Ribalta in New York City 
  5. Mixology Class at Sonsie in Boston
  6. Pizza Making atLe Pain Quotidien in New York City 
  7. Pizza Tossing  at Lucky Pie Pizza in Denver
  8. Glassblowing Class at Seattle Glassblowing Studio in Seattle 
  9. Pasta Making at Princi Italia in Dallas
  10. Island Clambake at Thompson Island in Boston

Top 3 Most Popular National Partners

  1. Sunglass Hut
  2. Nike 
  3. Topgolf 

Top 10 Most Popular Blog Posts

  1. Your guide to the different names for “appetizers”
  2. 6 networking conversation topics to avoid
  3. How far in advance should you book your event
  4. 10 sensational events for women
  5. Top 10 tips for planning a corporate event
  6. 2018 holiday party trends you can’t miss
  7. Best practices for following up after an event
  8. Top food trends for corporate events in 2018
  9. Office Tailgate Party Ideas
  10. The benefits of hosting corporate events at your venue

Most Popular Whitepaper

Field Marketers Guide to Events

Most Popular Premium Event Location 

Sonoma, California – Learn more about Kapow Platinum

Top 3 Kapow Event Markets 

  1. Chicago
  2. New York 
  3. Dallas

Top 3 Event Types 

  1. Retail
  2. Activity 
  3. F&B Interactive

Craving more data and information about corporate events and industry trends? Want to take these findings and start building out your own event program? Find out how to get your 2019 strategy into shape and keep a look out for our monthly newsletter to be the first to receive the 2018 Client Event Trends guide.


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