Why Every Event Needs A Signature Cocktail

So you’ve got your next event ready to go. You’ve got your invite list ready to go, it’s in the perfect location, and it’s not missing a thing. Or is it? If you’re looking to give your next event a little extra something that will get guest talking and leave an impression, make sure to add a signature cocktail that captures the theme of the event. We know, it may seem like an extra step you don’t have time for, but we guarantee you won’t regret it when your event stands out and you make strong connections with prospects and leads.

Signature cocktails can promote small talk

Dave Chookaszian, Kapow’s Director of Business Development, talked back in April about effective ways to network at events—which included adding a retail pop-up or team building activity for easy conversation. At your next event, a signature cocktail can function in the same way. A signature cocktail can provide a perfect ice-breaker when meeting a new client or touching base with an existing one—especially if you’re able to impart cocktail knowledge to them in a way that leaves a lasting impression. Make the cocktail ingredients reflect the theme of the event or give the cocktail a witty name that drives home the message of the event and provides an easy pivot during conversation.  

A drink that sticks in guests’ heads

This will vary  based on why you’re having your event in the first place, but ideally you want your event to stand out to your guests in any circumstance, so create a unique cocktail with a meaningful name. The more your event stands out, the more likely your guests are to remember you and your company as you follow up with them. A signature cocktail can help elevate a more routine happy hour or reception event in a way that sticks in a potential client’s mind, which will in turn make them more excited to connect with you and your company. If you want to take things up one more notch, send guests home with a packaged ingredient and recipe so that they can concoct the signature cocktail at their own at-home bar. 

It’s fun

Perhaps the most important reason for creating a signature cocktail is that it’s fun and unique. There are no shortage of websites that suggest cocktails for you to incorporate into your next event. And, even if you don’t find the perfect cocktail, you can easily work with your bartender to tweak the recipe to make it resonate with your audience. Picking a cocktail is a little bit of extra work, but it’s one that will pay off when you establish a connection with attendees and start filling your sales pipeline with qualified leads.

Ready to book your next client or team event and debut a fun, themed signature cocktail? Check out Kapow’s nationwide corporate experience to find the perfect fit for your next successful event.


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