What Will 2023 Have in Store for the Meetings and Events Industry?

2022 was the year in-person events came back with a vengeance, hybrid events cemented their staying power, and the great resignation’s impact was truly felt. As we hit the ground rolling this 2023, what trends are projected for the meetings and events industry for the year ahead? Check out Kapow!’s three main predictions below!


Continued resurgence of in-person meetings and events

In-person meetings are officially back, and it looks as though they’re here to stay! When meeting in-person, incorporating themes of wellness and inclusivity will drive success. Incorporating non-traditional scheduling with more sensory-friendly quiet spaces, breakout rooms that promote movement or guided meditation, and facilities for working parents will help cater to your attendees. Another great way to engage attendees is to book immersive and experiential events, pop-ups, or unique and stand-out venues. It’s no secret that quiet quitting and burnout were buzz words of last year; events that energize employees, cater to their needs, and drive connection will see success.


Tech in virtual events

For organizations with a heavy focus on cost savings and/or health and safety, technology will continue to provide enormous support across meetings of all types. According to Marketing Insider Group, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are projected to grow by over 25% in the next two years. Immersive environments for online calls add an additional layer of reality to the digital frontier we all have been exploring. Social media is also an excellent way to engage folks attending meetings virtually, offering another platform for communication and idea exchange.


Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

While the meetings and events industry has always been about bringing people together, the conversation is shifting to ensure that all voices are included in the conversation. AMEX Global Event Trends Forecast saw 87% of respondents indicating their organizations actively strive to incorporate DE&I into their meetings and events. There’s been a huge focus on diversifying talent pools and company-wide initiatives to break down equity barriers; when planning meetings and events, be sure to think about accessibility and inclusivity for all attendees.


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