Virtual Events This Week: The Kapow Roundup

As we adjust to the new normal of virtual and online events, we want you to know that we’ve got your back. Transitioning to an online event program is challenging and tricky. Which is why we here at Kapow are committed to bringing you the best in virtual events this week. Check out some of our favorite virtual events this week and be sure to browse our other online offerings as well.

Avital Food Tours – virtual mixology classWe've got tons of virtual events this week for you to check out and enjoy!

Start your own personal bar journey with a virtual mixology class from Avital Food Tours. In this expert-led experience, an Avital Food Tours employee will teach your guests the basics of crafting cocktails. Avital will ship all the ingredients required directly to your attendees, sparing you the logistical headaches. This fun event includes time for mixologist storytelling, Q&A and plenty of attendee interaction. There’s no better way to start your virtual events strategy than with this exciting (and refreshing) online offering.

Who knows? After your guests attend this demo, their next online shopping splurge may be on a bar cart!

The Go Game – virtual team building trivia

Get the best in remote team building with a virtual game show hosted by The Go Game. Built out on their state-of-the-art platform, this fun mashup brings the fun of pub trivia to the videoconferencing set. Each of The Go Game’s varied games are designed to increase engagement and boost morale. In addition, these snappy, fun and interactive challenges are hosted by a veteran Go Game producer for a high-energy and highly-engaging gaming experience. Everyone on your team will get a chance to shine in this exciting competition, making this one of our best virtual events this week.

Golf & Body – virtual golfing

Spring is properly upon us (for the most part) so a lot of your coworkers, colleagues and collaborators are probably feeling the sting of not being able to hit the greens for the first golf game of the season. Fortunately, Golf & Body has you covered with an exclusive online virtual golf swing seminar. This one hour session with PGA instructor Cody Van Damme and Top 50 Golf Digest fitness coach Matt Palazzolo stresses a holistic approach that’s broadly applicable to more than just your golf swing. Furthermore, you’ll get insight into movement, fundamentals and functionality as they relate to getting that perfect golf swing.

Featuring dynamic warmups, grip practice and 10 minutes on pivots, posture and hinge as you swing, this online seminar is the next best thing to getting out on the links IRL. This forward thinking event also includes a day pass to Golf & Body NYC for guests to use at a future date. Golf & Body NYC’s effective, holistic approach to a better swing all but guarantees you your best game yet.

Craftiful Studios – virtual terrarium class

Give your home office a little bit of the old razzle-dazzle with a desktop terrarium class from Craftiful Studios. This delightful event walks your guests through the creation of their very own succulent terrarium. Craftiful Studios will send each attendee all the supplies they need to create their terrarium. Even better? The terrariums come in four different themes. Escape the atmosphere or to the bottom of the ocean with a space exploration or undersea theme. Or, if you feel like your desktop is missing a little magic, go with the fairy or gnome theme (we won’t tell). 

This event features a guided class where your group will arrange their terrariums, complete with storytelling and fun facts. When you create a gnome-themed home for your miniature succulents, laughs will follow. The best part? There’s even time for a little show and tell at the end so you can show off your handiwork! This is a truly unique and engaging experience that will leave guests enjoying their crafts long after the event ends.

This is uncharted territory for a lot of marketers. We want you to know that we here at Kapow are dedicated to finding unique solutions for your events. Get in touch with Kapow’s event experts now to book virtual events like those above or receive additional options that are certain to delight. Be certain to check back frequently for more marketing tips, tricks and strategies.


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