Virtual Events For Staying Connected with Clients

Although staying indoors isn’t conducive to live events, there are virtual event alternatives that still promote team building and camaraderie from a distance. We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite virtual events below to help you get inspired. Ready to start planning? Check out our favorite virtual options. 

Book a remote event to stave off the hectic nature of working from home during this quarantine!Wildly Different – home office game show, “The Pitch” and video ice breakers

Wildly Different specializes in events that are off the beaten path and guaranteed to show your guests a great time, even over video messaging. Their remote, home office game challenges your guests to compete for bragging rights, right from their devices. Everything from true/false questions to picture identification await you in this exciting competitive free-for-all.

“The Pitch” is an online gameshow styled after Shark Tank on ABC. Teams of up to four come up with a fictionalized pitch for a brand new product that will completely revolutionize their industry. Once they’ve got their product, they’ll film an ad campaign, create a logo and much more. The meeting leader will show everyone’s pitch, and everyone involved votes to determine the winner. It’s a great way to stave off the stir-crazies while keeping focus on your sales pitch.

In Wildly Different’s final offering, your group will break the ice with a series of expertly-designed ice breakers. Your participants will compete in challenges like describing their ideal vacation spot, taking a photo of their surroundings and more to help their coworkers get to know them. After everyone has submitted their answers, they’ll be compiled into a sizzle reel. Learn something new about your coworkers with this creative video event.

Big Quiz Thing – remote event team trivia

Bring your favorite bar trivia to the comforts of your home office with Big Quiz Thing! This event brings professional hosting and deluxe trivia content to anywhere in the world. Regardless of timezone, your guests will delight in Big Quiz Thing’s clever multimedia games and fair, “figure-it-outable” trivia. This team-building trivia event also features customized content that fits your audience and theme. Everything from music, comedy and more is on the table with this brain buster of a virtual event.

More information:

$1000 flat rate for groups of 6–200

  • Teams in multiple cities, time zones, and countries can unite via the quiz show excitement of the Big Quiz Thing
  • Action-packed team-building trivia experience, complete with professional live hosting and deluxe trivia content
  • Clever multimedia games, along with unique “figureoutable” trivia questions
  • Content customization that fits your theme and audience (music, comedy, and more)

Maui Jim – Maui Jim choice card

If your quarantine has you under lock and key, there’s no better time to indulge in a little e-tail with Maui Jim. Maui Jim choice cards are a great way to show valued customers that they’re still top of mind for you. These cards have no expiration date and can be redeemed for any pair of Maui Jim sunglasses on their website. Physical cards are available, but e-numbers will be generated for immediate redemption as well. Even better? Plus, free shipping is included in the cost. Help your customers and teams start their summer looks early with a fresh pair of shades from one of the country’s largest sunglass vendors!

More information:

  • Cards have no expiration date and can be redeemed for any pair of Maui Jim sunglasses on their website
  • Physical cards are available, but e-numbers will be generated for immediate redemption as well
  • Free shipping is included in the cost

Other gift card options available include:

  • Nike
  • Sunglass Hut
  • Columbia Sportswear 
  • Under Armour
  • Nordstrom
  • Lululemon 
  • Mastercard/Visa Gift Cards

City Hunt – scavenger hunt virtual events

Don’t let staying indoors stop you from teaching your team exciting things about their city with a virtual scavenger hunt from City Hunt. This mobile app customizes a 60 minute team building experience you can play on your phone. City Hunt will include 30–50 questions involving everything from photos and videos to augmented reality and trivia questions. This mix of problem solving, team building and customized clues will have your guests working together and making connections with the best of them.

More information:

Duration: 60 minutes

Groups of 10 start at $400

  • CityHunt virtual scavenger hunt is run through the CityHunt Mobile App
  • CityHunt will customize a 60 minute team building adventure
  • The hunt will be built to work at home
  • Each person will play through the mobile app
  • CityHunt will customize 30 – 50 photo, video, augmented reality, and trivia questions and will be a mix of problem solving clues, team building clues and custom clues

This will be your work away from work, but virtual events can take the edge off!Escape Room Races – virtual scavenger hunts and escape rooms

When you’re stuck working from home, everything feels a little like an escape room at times. Escape Room Race’s mobile escape rooms give everyone playing a different piece of a puzzle that needs to be combined to reveal the final clue. One member of your team will be responsible for submitting this final code. The team that submits the correct code first will receive an email informing them that they’ve won! Escape Room Races will facilitate prizes for them.

More information:

Duration: 30–60 minutes

Groups will complete in teams of 3–6 people, flat fee of $500 for groups of up to 25

  • At the start, each member of the team will receive an email to introduce the game and the challenges they’ll work together to complete. This is a team hunt so groups will work together to complete all items on everyone’s list. 
  • The team to get the most points will win. 
  • Teams will take photos of household items, answer trivia questions and complete tasks and each will be worth a certain amount of points. 
  • Teams will submit photos and answers via email before the cutoff time. Staff will help facilitate prizes for the winning team. 

The mobile scavenger hunt tasks e-attendees with gathering photos of household items, answering trivia questions and completing tasks to accumulate the most points. Teams will submit photos and answers through email until a designated cutoff time. Once that time has been reached, Escape Room Races will tally the scores and crown a winner. As always, Escape Room Races will also award prizes to the winning team. Talk about a motivator!

More information:

Duration: 30–60 minutes

Groups will complete in teams of 3–6 people, flat fee of $500 for groups of up to 25

  • At the event start time, each member of the team will get an email with an introduction to the game. 
  • Each person in the team receives different parts to a puzzle that will need to be combined to lead to a final code that one person on the team will need to reply to that email with. When the team submits the correct code, their time will be recorded. 
  • At the end of the event, email will be sent out with the winning team and staff will help facilitate prizes for the winning team (certificates, e- gift cards, etc.)

JNI – custom mailers

A fact often forgotten is that getting mail feels good. JNI’s custom mailers occupy a desirable sweet spot within the remote marketing sphere that excels at making your clients feel welcomed and remembered, even when you can’t get together face-to-face. JNI can send everything from branded chargers, water bottles and eco journals to your clients. Even better, they’ll produce the giveaway, send you boxes to mail everything in or ship it for you themselves. There’s no wrong way to use JNI’s services.

REIMAGE Beauty – mobile makeup bar

There’s no better time than a quarantine to take some selfies. Reimage’s mobile makeup bar lets guests create their own eyeshadow using a wide variety of natural and mineral-based hues. A $50 gift card is also included, so your attendees can enjoy their makeup after the event ends. This virtual event also includes a consultation to determine complimentary lip colors and an eye and lip makeup tutorial.

Moving Image Consulting – body language consultation

Keep your managerial edge honed with a crash course in body language reading from Moving Image Consulting. This exciting class will give your group in-depth information on how to read others’ body language more effectively. There’s no better way to improve team communication while also honing sales enablement strategies, leadership and public speaking.

International Gifting Co. – retail gifting microsite virtual events

Dazzle your guests with a bespoke gift from a customized microsite from International Gifting Co. This microsite lets you treat guests to a swank new pair of Frye brand boots or a sturdy, fashionable bag from Tecovas. It’s is the perfect way to show your top clients that they’re still top of mind. With a new pair of boots or an impressive bag, your guests will have another reason to look forward to getting back outside.

More information:

  • This microsite lets you treat guests to a swank new pair of Frye brand boots, a sturdy/ fashionable bag from Tecovas or sunglasses from a number of different retailers
  • A link to the microsite can be included at the end of a virtual event for participants to place their order
  • Options that are available will be laid out clearly on the microsite, guests will choose their gift and will give their shipping address.

Avital Tours – remote cooking class and remote culinary team building experiences

Learning a new recipe can be a great way to learn something new while housebound. Avital Tours specializes in cooking classes and culinary team building that will have your guests laughing and having a great time over the messaging app of their choice! For their hosted Chefinar, Avital will provide a list of ingredients ahead of time, so your group can tune in to a livestream and cook alongside one of their pro chefs. This provides one hour access to a local chef or restauranteur, and your guests will receive an exclusive information packet with the recipe they cooked to enjoy over and over again.

Duration: 60 minutes

$750 for a 10 person minimum—shipping of ingredients for an additional fee

  • 1 hr access to a local chef or restauranteur
  • Recipes and information packet
  • Call in via video to interact and learn

Avital Tour’s other virtual events involve culinary team building, which serves up 30 minutes of a delicious, themed interactive culinary game. Two tasty stories about the culinary world await your guests when they tune in to this exclusive webinar.

More information:

Duration: 30 minutes

Packages start at $320 for an 8 person minimum

  • Avital Tours will send your team materials in advance
  • The host will guide your team through the whole event
  • Interactive team-building game about the culinary world (two tasty stories)

This is uncharted territory for a lot of marketers. We want you to know that we here at Kapow are dedicated to finding unique solutions for you as the situation progresses. Get in touch with Kapow’s event experts now to book the virtual events above or receive additional options that are certain to delight. Be certain to check back frequently for more marketing tips, tricks and strategies.


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