Venues That Have Appeared On Reality TV

While we’ve already covered Kapow events that have appeared on television, we know that some hosts and attendees have more, er, discerning taste. If you need to know that the clientele at these establishments are the crème de la crème so to speak, we’ve got the perfect list: we’ve rounded up a number of venues that are prominently featured on Reality TV. No judgement here, we have fans of Vanderpump Rules, Cutthroat Kitchen and Real Housewives of New York, among our ranks so you’re in good company. 

Bagatelle – Real Housewives of New York

It’s no secret that the Real Housewives of New York love to wine and dine. The women of RHONY can be seen at The Monarch Room, Carbone, or any number of other NYC staples. For our consideration, however, the real gem in the RHONY dining canon is Bagatelle. Bagatelle, a Meatpacking District institution, continues to thrive after a decade in the neighborhood. Originally designed to revitalize the neighborhood, Bagatelle brings a European flair that’s designed to delight with creative, seasonal cuisine.

Underbelly – Ugly Delicious

In the first season of Ugly Delicious, Momofuku’s David Chang embarks on a whirlwind tour of the American culinary scene. The James Beard award winner’s goal is to break down cultural barriers and in the first season’s fourth episode, he takes a trip down south to tackle a southern shellfish rivalry. This trip takes Chang to Underbelly, a Houston staple that combines an upscale eatery with a butcher shop dedicated to all things pork and southern. If you’re looking for a taste of Houston, Underbelly is the perfect place to start. Even if you’re not nuts about shellfish.

SUR – Vanderpump Rules

Sure eating where reality TV stars eat can be cool, but what about eating where they work? SUR—short for “Sexy Unique Restaurant”—is the focus of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills spinoff Vanderpump Rules. Now in its seventh season, an event at SUR gives your group the chance to observe the reality star lifestyle up close. Your guests will enjoy a private dinner reception in SUR’s West Hollywood location. While there, your guests will enjoy a premium bar and gourmet dinner as they admire the setting of one of Bravo’s best reality television shows (and maybe even sneak a peek at resident bad boy Jax Taylor — no guarantees).

Double Standard Kitchenetta – Cutthroat Kitchen

We know, we know—the conceit of the reality TV show Cutthroat Kitchen is that a gleefully evil Alton Brown pits four chefs against each other with sabotages that often involve foodstuffs of questionable edibility. However, Double Standard Kitchenetta’s chef Chris Gentile has won the competition on three separate occasions. If chef Gentile can do that with leftovers, imagine what he can do at Double Standard’s concept. Located in San Diego’s hip Gaslamp quarter, Double Standard Kitchenetta combines a whimsical venue with delicious, locally sourced seasonal dishes that are sure to delight almost as much as going home and watching old episodes of Cutthroat Kitchen on Netflix.

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