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It can often be hard to know what the right event is to book. You want something impressive, while not looking like you’re just following the crowd. If you’re looking for events that are sure to delight but not obvious, we’ve got you covered. Below, we’ve given you four of our favorite events that have garnered news coverage, while still being unique and engaging enough to surprise and delight everyone you’ve got in attendance. Check them out below.

Ladurée – NYC and Las Vegas

Ladurée has been a household name for French confections since its opening in 1862 in France. Now with postings in New York City and Las Vegas, the French patisserie is making headway in America, thanks in no small part to media coverage. Their most notable confection, the delicious macaron, is so sought after that Harper’s Bazaar covered its construction in an exclusive video. The coverage and the pedigree should be more than enough to get your tastebuds excited for this decadent and scrumptious confection.

Würstkuche – Los Angeles

If you like sausage, this is the right place. Würstkuche is located in the heart of LA’s Venice neighborhood—an industrial chic gem with communal style tables simulating a traditional biergarten. Your guests will enjoy fun and inventive sausages—from the traditional bratwurst to an exotic rabbit-and-rattlesnake sausage—as they sip on Belgian, German and American beers. In addition to being voted one of the best sausage joints in LA by LAist, Würstkuche has also been featured on the Travel Channel’s Food Paradise show as well. Talk about a pedigree!

Sushi by Bou – New York

Hidden underneath Broadway in a secret speakeasy designed by Sushi Chef David Bouhadana, Sushi by Bou is the perfect place for an omakase experience. Roughly translating to “I’ll leave it up to you,” omakase is a Japanese tradition of a chef’s choice, often resulting in choicer cuts than you would get otherwise. Sushi by Bou combines this Japanese tradition with the gonzo interior of the venue’s technicolor design and the distinctive style of Chef Bouhadana. With coverage in Vogue, The New York Times and Time Out, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more newsworthy (and mouthwatering!) sushi joint.

Topgolf – multiple markets

Topgolf provides multiple markets with with fun, friendly competitions aimed at bettering your connection to your coworkers (and your golf swing!). With a state-of-the-art bay that’s climate controlled and fully staffed by Topgolf experts. Whether you’re a first-time golfer or an aspiring pro, Topgolf is the perfect way to unwind with coworkers or top clients. If you need more evidence that Topgolf is at the top of its game,  Forbes reports that New Mexico recently decided to invite Topgolf to build their first facility in the state—people love Topgolf that much.

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