Upgrades to the Kapow Invitations Platform

We recently asked our customers for feedback on our digital tools and got valuable responses. We then took your feedback and made a number of changes to our tools, so they work better to serve you. Check out the new product enhancements that will make event planning easier than ever. 

Invitations platform

An invitation is your first touchpoint with a client, so it has to sell your event. Having intriguing invitations can lead to increased attendance. So we re-worked our invitations platform to make the process of scheduling invites, co-managing events and monitoring invitation effectiveness as easy as possible.  

Invitations platformYou now have the ability to remove “Maybe” as an RSVP response. While the “Maybe” option is nice for generating excitement without asking for a commitment, it can be troublesome for events with a limited group size, where a definitive answer is needed.

With Kapow’s booking and event management tools, it’s easy to co-host an event with vendors or business partners. With new updates from Kapow, you can now assign and send invitations from different hosts, regardless of which organization they belong to. You can also see which host invited each guest, making for a more organized guest list.

Once you book your event, upload a guest list and create custom invitations, you can either send out your invitations immediately or schedule them to be sent at a later date and time. This allows you to take care of invitations right away and not have to worry about them again. And who doesn’t love a time-saver when it comes to planning corporate events?Invitations platform

If you are co-hosting an event with a business partner or vendor, you can include multiple host logos on your invitations. Previously, this capability was fairly limited, but you can now add up to five logos on your invitations. Even better, the logos have been moved below the main hero image for better focus and visibility. The new spacing and location also ensure that your brand standards will be protected on invitations.

Guest surveys

One of Kapow’s most useful tools is the post-event attendee survey, which allows event hosts to gather important feedback from event attendees about the effectiveness of the event. These surveys help the host determine whether or not the guests enjoyed the event and venue, and allow them to ask for suggestions for improvement. You can also find out whether guests are more likely to do business with you as a result of the event, helping you to predict your return on event spend.

With the new updates, you can see a list of the questions that will be asked within the survey. The survey results for each event will still be available to download once responses are entered. If for some reason you’re not interested in getting guest feedback, we’ve made it even simpler to turn off the survey component.

RSVP landing page

When booking with Kapow, hosts have the ability to skip the invitations and create a custom RSVP page, which you can link to from other invitations or communications. We’ve expanded the capabilities of this page, so you can now include much more content about your event.

In addition to gathering RSVP responses, you can customize the content and add anything from important “Dos and Don’ts” or the event menu to the dress code or run of show. This page is a great way to keep your attendees up to speed on the latest event information.

Now that you’ve heard about the updates, browse Kapow’s event marketplace, book an event, then log into your Kapow Account to use our free digital tools!


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