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We’re a few months into 2019, and event planners have their hands full already. Rising event costs mean you have to be savvier about the events you book, which means more research and prep cooked into your events plan. You can consult our knowledgeable experts for some of their favorites, check our recommendations or use our resources to conduct research on what events you might want to consider moving forward. Alternatively, you can go big and unique, creating a memorable event that’s like nothing your guests have ever seen. Embracing unique venues and events might be just what you need to hook a new client or create a lasting impression with current ones. Here are some of our favorite events that are delightfully off-kilter and will cement the event in guests’ memories:

Dreamland Wax Museum – cocktail reception, Boston

Sure, your guests have probably been to a cocktail hour before. They’ve probably been to about a hundred cocktail hours before. But we guarantee they have never been to a cocktail hour where you can also pose with wax celebrities and famous historical figures. Dreamland Wax Museum is a fully functional wax museum featuring 100 different wax figures. Guests can spread out in all 12 of Dreamland’s galleries, which span two floors and 20,000 sq. ft. An augmented reality app is also available to help the exhibits come to life—but in a fun way, not a scary one. How often will your guests be able to say they’ve enjoyed appetizers and cocktails in the company of Amy Winehouse and the Queen of England? If you’re looking for something fresh and highly Instagrammable, Dreamland is a solid choice.

Wreck Room – controlled demolition, Las Vegas

There are many team building events, but few let you create camaraderie through shared destruction. Wreck Room’s controlled demolition experience suits your guests up in safety equipment before cutting them loose to trash everything from bottles and ceramics to old televisions and printers. This event invites your guests to cut loose and let their primal instincts take over. Even better? You get to leave the cleanup to someone else. Post smashing, guests are invited to enjoy catered appetizers and drinks. Have some pent up tension that needs to be worked out after an especially demanding sale, project or release? This one’s for you.

Kirimachi – ramen noodle demo, San Francisco

Trade San Francisco for Shibuya with an exciting ramen demo from Kirimachi. Chef Leonardi Gondroputo entertains guests with a zesty ramen demo that’s authentic and exciting. Kirimachi’s lived-in space features ingredient and sake boxes housed in plain sight for a casual, relaxed ambiance. As your guests eat at communal tables, they can admire a playful mural of pigs slurping up (what else?) ramen. Chef Gondroputo will prepare delicious ramen for your guests all while going into how all the parts of this hearty soup come together, while everyone in attendance enjoys delicious Asian appetizers, beer and sake at this vivacious and bustling spot.

The Ostrich – subterranean mixology experience, Phoenix

The Ostrich started its life as an ostrich feather storage facility for the town’s founder, A.J. Chandler (yes, really). Now this underground gem provides an unforgettable mixology experience for you and your guests. Your guests will need to provide a secret password, then they will be admitted entrance to this 100-year-old space to enjoy its lush and opulent decor. Delicious appetizers from the Ostrich’s upstairs sister restaurant Crust Simply Italian will be provided as your attendees learn how to mix up two of The Ostrich’s signature cocktails from one of its master bartenders. Housed in old tunnels connecting a railway and the Crowne Plaza San Marcos Hotel, an experience at The Ostrich is unique and unforgettable.

Safehouse – spy-themed dinner, Chicago

Duck out of sight with a fun and unique spy-themed dinner at Safehouse. Undercover in Chicago’s fun River North neighborhood, guests will pass a fun and easy clearance test to gain entrance. Once they’re inside, they’ll noticed copious spy-themed memorabilia on display for agents to appreciate on their pre-dinner secret mission (self-guided tour). Delicious dinner packages (named for famous pop cultural spies) will put a button on this idiosyncratic and intriguing event. The messages may self-destruct, but the memories are built to last at Safehouse.

If you can believe it, we’ve only scratched the surface of our most unique venues. We’ve got a reception with oyster shucking in a riverside canal house, a casino night in a library themed bar featuring gorgeous city views, a tour of Brooklyn’s only distillery and so much more. If you need an intriguing event that’s sure to delight, you can find all these and more on kapow.com


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