Best-Selling Virtual Events of 2020

When the world went into lockdown and corporate events went virtual, Kapow! worked with our supplier network to adjust to the new demand. Even with the promise of vaccinations, we do not see the demand easing for virtual events in 2021. After delivering 2000+ virtual events delivered from more than 100 different suppliers, we’ve seen a few virtual events emerge as customer favorites. Here are Kapow’s best-selling virtual events from 2020:

  1. Drink Tastings and Mixology Classes

    Wine, Champagne, Beer, Whiskey, Tequila, Seasonal Cocktails

    It is no surprise that our top-selling category combines three things guest love: premium gifts, learning something new, and adult beverages! The most popular has been wine which has a more universal appeal across broad audiences. To add a decadent twist, customers loved pairing with cheese or chocolate to wow their clients or attendees. A close second are beer tastings customized for the seasons: Oktoberfest, fall and winter beers, and Mixology classes, with spicy and warming cocktails perfect for the holidays. For the more discerning and adventurous palates, we have increasing interest in whiskey, bourbon and tequila tastings. Depending on your audience, you can’t go wrong with any of Kapow!’s drink tasting events.

  2. Virtual Games

    Trivia, Escape Rooms, Scavenger Hunts

    Being remote doesn’t reduce the ability to connect with colleagues or customers in a playful way. Gaming options are effective because they can easily scale to larger groups. Trivia, escape rooms and scavenger hunts are top-sellers in this category, but as we near a year working remotely, customers want even more variety. From Family Feud, to murder mysteries, musical bingo and even poker & casino games, Kapow! has the solutions to keep your teams engaged.

  3. Cooking Classes

    Pasta, Pizza, Steak-grilling

    We all miss going to restaurants, but it has forced us to cook more and customers have embraced our chefinars. Pasta and pizza are top-sellers. Both events are more family-friendly and make it easy for everyone to get in on the fun. Maybe not as vegetarian-friendly, but our steak grilling was a huge hit when we launched it for our summer series and it still remains a popular choice. Kapow! has cuisines from all around the world represented for aspiring chefs at all levels.

  4. Food Tastings

    Cheese, Chocolate, Ice Cream

    For those who do not want the mess of cooking or the restrictions of alcohol, but still want to indulge, our next favorite category are expert-led food tastings including cheeses, chocolates and ice creams. Similar to our cooking classes, these please a wide variety of audiences. Customers enjoy the storytelling of our passionate suppliers, including tours of the cheese farm, or the history of the cocoa beans to bar movement.

  5. Creative Classes

    Painting, Candle-making, Sewing, Flower-arranging

    The pandemic motivated many of us to start new hobbies and engage in new interests. Maybe that is why Kapow!’s creative classes are so popular. Customers have been thrilled with the wealth of classes that encourage learning a new skill, teambuilding and a sense of accomplishment through painting, candle and mask making or a flower arrangement to brighten their homes.


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