Top 4 corporate meeting ideas in 2019

March 21, 2019 | Posted in News

Meeting planners across the country are breaking out of the boardroom and into unique, unexpected spaces when sourcing their meetings. It’s now become expectation that meetings help focus, transport or engage attendees not only with content, but also with environment. Decision makers have come to expect venues that are memorable, creative and engaging —a far cry from the in-office meeting room.

With venues of all shapes and sizes embracing this trend, there are now more unique spaces — think repurposed prisons, theaters, churches, etc. — than ever are opening their doors and providing their services to corporate groups. Here are some tips to keep in mind when planning your next meeting for customer, partners or internal teams.

#1 Think outside the box

Booking a meeting in the boardroom next door isn’t going to cut it this year. You need to be in search of a backdrop that helps attendees forget they are attending a company meeting when they arrive and exited to see what comes next. Unexpected venues are starting to invest more in upgraded AV options and private spaces that meet corporate standards. From rock climbing gyms and movie theaters to nightclubs and retailers, ultra-unique spaces that wouldn’t have been an option a decade ago are now fully equipped to welcome your group. 

#2 Include an activity 

Nothing gets the creative juices flowing like a stimulating activity in between meeting sessions. No matter the demographic or seniority level, attendees will appreciate the time they are given to step away from their chairs and get hands-on with an organized activity from an expert. And, as this trend grows, there are hundreds of fresh options that will resonate with your attendee persona and increase engagement and excitement as the day unfolds.

#3 Send attendees home with a gift

Make the lunch break memorable or end the day with a bang by bringing in a mobile pop-up shop! Easy to book and execute, retail add-ons are the perfect way to add some pizzaz to the agenda and give attendees something to look forward to. Guests will have the opportunity to either shop inventory on-site or online, and make a purchase that will always remind them of the event. Plus, no matter your budget or space limitations there is an option that will compliment the style of your meeting.  

#4 Go high-end

If your group is partial to the finer things in life, there are options across the country that specialize in attention to detail and decor. When planning a meeting for the c-suite or upper management it is important to source and book options that have desirable views, high-end furniture and an attentive staff so they feel comfortable and appreciated. Not only will these types of spaces lead to increased productivity and focus, but they will leave a positive impression. 

Be better than the boardroom and take your corporate meetings to new levels with unique spaces, fun activities, memorable gifts or upscale digs. And, with the help of Kapow’s nationwide venue and vendor partnerships you can save time with easy, streamlined sourcing and booking. Start planning your future corporate meetings or reach out for assistance from the event pros!


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