Thoughtful Events For International Women’s Day

By Alex Borkowski | March 6, 2020 | Posted in About Kapow, Event Photos, Event Spotlights, Event Tips, News, Venue Tips

International Women’s Day might be this coming Sunday, March 8th, but here at Kapow we believe there’s never a wrong time to celebrate the women in your organization. If you’re looking to host an event for the female-identifying members of your office, we’ve got a curated list of events that fit the bill perfectly.

Focus on events that self-empower

There’s never a wrong time to book a self-empowerment event. Physical fitness and mental health can provide great event ideas for your Women’s Day strategy. Jiu Jitsu classes and meditation are all great ways to empower your coworkers. In other words, there’s lots of ways of ways to help you kick butt, spiritually or physically.

Enjoy food that’s good and good for you on International Women’s Day

We can’t live by $14 Sweetgreen salads alone (though we’d definitely like to)! Therefore, there’s nothing quite like a health-focused event to put some pep in your coworkers’ step. Lots of events on Kapow are food-focused and increasingly health oriented. Many of them will even come to your office for a bespoke catering event. Most importantly, many of these events have the option to cater to dietary preferences. Many also put farm-to-table preparations as an immediate focus!

Enjoy a fully private event

If you really want to go all-out for your International Women’s Day event, you can’t go wrong with a private event. Places like India House in New York’s Financial District provide sumptuous interiors for your guests to enjoy. Private events give unprecedented control over your event, from the guest list to the vibes. Regardless of what you want for your event, there’s a private to-do that’s perfect for you. If you need everything to be just right for the female-identifying individuals in your company, a fully private event can be a great decision.

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