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Connect with your clients, employees and recruits by setting them up with the perfect event. At Kapow, we consider ourselves the event matchmakers, and we’re here to help you find an event your guests won’t be able to resist. Your clients get invited to a lot of events—so in order to score some face time, your event needs to stand out. Start by identifying the group you’re trying to entertain, and check out the events they’re guaranteed to love.

The Sales Guy

anim-salepersonWhen you’re entertaining the sales guy—or gal—you’re entertaining the entertainer. They’re smooth talkers, social and confident. They’re likely throwing their own client events at every bar and restaurant in the city. And depending on where they work, they likely need get dressed up when they’re taking meetings with clients—so they’re sure to attend any event you host that adds to their wardrobe and sharpens their image.    

Events they’ll love: upscale retail events to shop for jeans, designer sunglasses, Nike shoes and apparel. Or book a men-focused or women-focused shopping experience.

Why they’ll love it: Because salespeople are wining and dining clients all around the city, hosting a steak dinner won’t do. Take them to an event space where they haven’t been—like a retail store. Kapow has put together catered, in-store shopping events where guests are given a gift card to shop with. These events extend the time you spend with clients because they can’t just pop in for a drink and take off—they’ll stick around and enjoy food and beverages while waiting for a custom fitting from the pros. Retail events also tend to be smaller, giving you more face time with valuable clients. At the end of your event, guests will walk away with a tangible item that will remind them of you and your brand. For some events, you’ll need to pick up the customized items a week later to give to your guests—giving you one more touchpoint with them.

The Recruit / Interns

anim-recruitRecruiting events are a great way to show off your company’s culture and impress potential recruits. These professionals tend to be young, technically inclined and eager to prove themselves. They enjoy fast-paced environments, are open to change and like to be entertained. More importantly, they value teamwork and the opinions of their peers. They are eager to connect with the people around them and contribute to the organization as a whole.

Events they’ll love: sushi rolling, pizza tossing, cooking competitions, DJ spinning class, real life Clue game

Why they’ll love it: Recruits are eager to demonstrate their ability to work in teams, so team-building activities like a cooking competition or murder mystery game are perfect for recruiting events. Event hosts, on the other hand, want to impress recruits with their fun company culture—so it’s important to pick an event that’s unique and creative, like sushi rolling or DJ spinning. Depending on whether you’re trying to recruit college or grad school students, recruits may be too young to drink, so it’s best to avoid events that revolve around or have alcohol.

The Techie

 anim-techiesalesIf you’re entertaining your tech team, your guests are likely young and, to state the obvious, technically inclined. They spend their day building programs and websites from the ground up, so you know they like to problem solve and they like to be challenged. On a daily basis, they are asked to think outside the box to come up with creative solutions, so the ordinary happy hour probably won’t do. They’re passionate about their jobs and their team, and they’re at their strongest when working together as a group.

Events they’ll love: interactive activities like whirlyball, a room escape event, glassblowing, rock climbing, cocktail events that includes video games or arcade games

Why they’ll love it: These guys are always looking for the next cool thing. Many tech companies like Google and Facebook provide employees with tons of cool perks and activities. And while the average tech start-up can’t afford to provide free meals for every employee, they can offer events that are new and exciting. And while you may have a ping pong table in the office, a ping pong tournament with a games guru is likely going to be new for your guests. And because tech teams focus on working together to accomplish a common goal or solve a problem, any interactive, team-building events like a room escape or whirlyball are sure to be a hit.     

The C-Suite

anim-c-suiteThe pressure is on when entertaining the VP or C-suite. They are offered countless invitations to be wined and dined, so your event needs to be worth the trip. If they’ve made it into the C-suite, chances are your guests are sophisticated and have grown to appreciate the finer things in life. They’re also the decision-makers, which is probably why you’re trying to score a spot on their calendar.

Events they’ll love: high-end whiskey tastingeight-course dinnerprivate suite at a gameexotic car racing, private chef tasting dinner

Why they’ll love it: The key here is to book an event with a “wow factor”, while ensuring that it’s a smaller, more intimate experience. The “wow factor” gets the C-suite in the door—serious bragging rights come with driving an exotic supercar or bottling and labeling your own batch of whiskey. The smaller, more intimate nature of an extended dinner, tasting or stadium suite allows you to score significant face time with the head honcho.  

Though we’ve covered the basics here, every client and employee group is different. If you’d like more personalized event suggestions, contact our customer success team by filling out this form or by clicking on the chat icon at the bottom of the screen. They’d be happy to play cupid and set your client up with an event they’ll love.


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