Sneak Peek: Kapow’s 2020 Multi-Event Program Trend Report

Using events as a sales and marketing, while imperative to get right, can be a little tricky to execute. But they are beyond worth it to invest in, even as event prices rise. 65% of brands confirm that experiential marketing and events directly correlate to sales. Even better? According to Chaos Theory Games, 98% of attendees at a piece of experiential marketing will generate digital and social content at events. Free marketing! As well, 70% of attendees become regular customers after attending an experiential event, according to the Event Marketing Institute. So it’s always worth it to shore up your events strategy. That’s where a multi-event program can come in.

These highly efficient events are ideal for generating face time and building pipeline for your product. How? Because they revolve around a consistent theme and streamline run of show and campaign strategy. Whether you’re planning events for 3, 7 or 20 markets, multi-event programs are high yield and high efficiency. That’s not to say you don’t need to work for them. The most successful MEPs succeed by being on the cutting edge of the hottest trends in food, style and more. Luckily, we’re here to help with our report on the hottest trends coming your way in 2020. Check them out after the jump.

The swanky club setting of Smith & Wollensky Steakhouse

1. Wining and (fine) dining

Sometimes the old ways are best, and there’s never a bad time to host an upscale dinner for clients. Sit down dinners provide copious amounts of time to mix, mingle and get to know your clients in between courses. A multi-event program can take the headache out of coordinating venues and menus. Plus, nothing says, “I’m really excited for a potential partnership with you” like a steak dinner in a swanky clubhouse or in a posh, understated Mediterranean setting. Plus when you add in more ambitious offerings like a Brazilian churrasco steakhouse where the meat comes to you, a high society night out can quickly go from feeling rote and uninspired to being one of the most versatile tools in your marketing toolbox.

2. Make the great outdoors great for you for a great multi-event programGet under the stars with a multi-event program from Under Canvas

When courting clients from more temperate climates, it pays to think outside the office. Outdoors events are easily scalable since you’re probably within spitting distance of at least one gorgeous, un-despoiled piece of nature. With that in mind, banish thoughts of sleeping on the hard ground or warding away bugs from your mind. With impressive glamping events, you can ensure you stay top-of-mind for top clients. Lots of sightseeing will await your guests, without needing to sacrifice the comfort that comes with staying in a well-designed hotel. Couple that with a retail experience—statistically guaranteed to increase event attendance—that foregrounds the great outdoors, and you’ve got a recipe for something memorable.

Mixology classes are easily scalable and make great multi-event programs3. Get cozy with Kimpton

A great trick for crafting an unforgettable multi-event program is to vary the event but keep the brand the same. Hotels like Kimpton, which offers 70 different bespoke hotels in 43 cities, can provide numerous high quality events without needing to over-coordinate between different partners. With various events like interactive cocktail demos, bourbon tastings on Music Row, a suave French dinner and even a murder mystery party, your guests won’t be able to believe they got all of these under the umbrella of the same Condé Nast Reader’s Choice-award winning hotel chain. This makes them ideal for multi-event programs of all shapes and sizes.

4. Keep it casual(wear)

Casualwear retailers like rag + bone provide ideal Millennial multi-event programs

In 2020, we’re going to keep it all about relaxation. NPR has stated that more and more companies are opting to extend casual Friday all throughout the work week to entice a changing (and increasingly Millennial and Gen Z) workforce. With that in mind, it behooves you to know your audience when you book a retail event. Today’s workers want clothing that’s expressive, stylish and multifunctional.

Retailers like rag + bone, best known for their denim and Marine Layer, known for their cozy, Cali-inspired vibe, are ideal for pulling double duty in your clients’ wardrobes. You can even play it a little safer with a brand like J. Crew, long-known for their commitment to timeless and elegant East Coast styles. Even better? Every time your clients don the article of clothing they bought at your event, they’ll remember who hosted it.

5. Find unique ways to exercise

Events can also be ideal for providing your guests with handy ways to improve themselves even after the event ends. A great way to keep yourself in the minds of your clients is to give them a gift that keeps on giving. Unique physical activities can be just the thing to kick off a new passion for your attendees. Things like bouldering and yoga at Brooklyn Boulder or challenge team building at Warrior Challenge Arena are ideal for multi-event program.

In addition, corporate wellness retreats can be worth their weight in gold as your guests learn to focus on what’s important and find new and exciting strategies for resolving workplace conflict. Whether you do it at a day spa, your office or a SoulCycle, these events can be thoughtful and unforgettable to the right client.

6. Enter the cybersphere for an unforgettable multi-event programExplore distant world with a VR multi-event program

Even if you don’t live somewhere with gorgeous weather all-year round, you can still create unforgettable moments cutting edge virtual reality tech. Advancements in this exciting sphere have created all manner of exciting events that are ideal for multiple markets. Virtual dodgeball, team-building, story-oriented excursions—the sky is truly only a theoretical limit. Even better? Many of these also feature catering and a tactile component as well for when your guests can’t explore cyberspace. 

If you’re looking for an impactful experience that’s easily replicable across multiple markets, check out Kapow’s list of national partners for more ideas. For custom multi-event program options and additional creative ideas that will leave a lasting impression, contact our team of event specialists today.


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