Partner Marketer Event Tips from a Kapow Pro

Meet the Kapow Event Expert

Casey Baldin is a Kapow Senior Account Manager, and has become the resident partner marketer event expert. Her clients are primarily in the tech vertical and close to 50% of her yearly events are hosted by complementary companies who team up to boost pipeline through strategic and scalable lead-gen events.  

Due to her robust experience with partner marketer events, Casey was our first choice to share her partner marketer event tips for how to book, produce and deliver successful partner marketer events.

Partner Marketer Event Tips from a Kapow Pro

What are the main reasons your clients decide to partner when hosting an event?
Casey: It’s probably a mix of budget and being able to do more with more money, plus a wider audience. And, a lot of times, if the partners do go after the wider audience, it’s because the attendees could benefit from the cross-sell.

What are your first steps when you start planning a partner marketer event?
Casey: First, I ask the partners their goals for hosting this event together and what a successful event looks like for them. Will they have a presentation? Do they need to present together? Understanding their event goals and understanding how collaborative they want to be during the event is key.

From your experience, what event type lends itself to a successful partner marketer event?
Casey: It really depends on the end audience. You have clients that have been invited to a million cocktail receptions with a presentation, so a retail event or an interactive event gets people there on both sides. Plus, you can easily add a presentation at both of these events types.

Any good examples?
Casey: One of my most successful partner marketer event programs was four tech clients who teamed up for 24 retail events over two quarters that was for mutual prospects and clients. They included a 25-minute presentation and shopping, and had really high attendance which led to a big boost in their sales pipeline.

What led to the great attendance rate?
Casey: It was during lunch so clients could easily attend because the venue and time was convenient for them, not necessarily for the hosts. Planning for your attendees versus yourself will always lead to better attendance.

How was success measured for this event series?
Casey: This event was field marketers planning for their sales teams. Since the events were all retail events and something different, the sales teams were excited and made sure to push attendance. Plus, the venues were all smaller, so they were able to talk to more people and drive sales numbers, pipeline and get follow-ups.

What are the biggest hurdles for partner marketers who are teaming up for an event?
Casey: You want to keep everybody on the same page with all of the same details and not let side conversations happen. Once all the events are in progress and the invitee list is completed, both sides need to hold themselves accountable to make sure they are doing what they need to do and communicating that to the other host(s).

How does Kapow help solve this?
Casey: Where else can two people log in and see the same information and details for one event series? Since you can have multiple people from multiple organizations see the same event information, the Kapow platform is a huge help for keeping communication clear. They can also access their RSVP list and event details without having to wait for the other partners to share it. 

Recipe for a successful partner marketer event?
Casey: Open communication and smart planning. Explore different times of day and locations. If you want people in seats, you need to make it convenient for people to get themselves to those seats. Research various neighborhoods and determine what venues are convenient for all partners’ invitees. But, no matter how great your event is at driving attendance, it’s only as good as the partners who are promoting the event!

Partner Marketer Event Tips from a Kapow Pro Summary

  • Widen your audience and sales impact with a complementary partner
  • Determine common goals and how you plan to  measure success as a team
  • Keep communication clear and open with Kapow’s event collaboration tools
  • Book a creative event that boosts attendance —retail or activity
  • Find a convenient location for attendees with Kapow Premium’s client mapping
  • Start your event at a time that is preferred by your mutual attendees

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*For an in-depth look into partnered events, check out the Partner Marketer’s Guide to Events!


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