Outdoor Activities For Summer Outings

While there’s still a sprinkling of snow on the ground here in Chicago, St. Patrick’s Day just came to a close and that means two things: (1) you’re probably sick of green beer and (2) it’s almost spring! Nothing says spring like the great outdoors, and there are a number of great ways to get to know your clients better while enjoying balmy temps. Don’t settle for the same old, check out some of our favorite warm weather experiences that will ensure your client engagement event is unforgettable.

Concert and reception – Nectar Lounge

Seattle’s the home of grunge and Sub Pop records, so why not enjoy a concert at Nectar Lounge this summer? After arriving at Seattle’s largest indoor/outdoor concert venue, your group will be escorted to a private mezzanine. The VIP treatment won’t stop there as they enjoy beer and wine from a private bar while listening to the opening bands.  Your group will enjoy the main event from the best seats in the house and let you get to know your guests without squeezing in amid the group below.

Presidio hiking tour – Bay Area Ridge Trail

Outdoor activities don’t get much more “outdoorsy” than a hike of the scenic Presidio in San Francisco. This hiking tour will take you and your group through forests, grasslands and coastal bluffs as you make your way to its northern tip. The vistas and natural ambiance will be well worth the price of admission. Along with the Ecology, Coastal and Ridge trails, your group will also get to enjoy the Presidio Promenade. Hiking with clients that you have a good relationship already is a great way to get a lot of uninterrupted face time to deepen the relationship.

Team building with bulldozers – Dig This! Las Vegas

Channel your inner Tonka Trucks fan with a unique and fun team building exercise using real-life construction equipment. Using excavators and bulldozers, your group will work together to achieve large scale problem-solving solutions. Throughout the event, your guests will get to act as foreman, facilitator, time keeper and driver. You’d be hard pressed to find prospects or clients that would say no to living out childhood fantasies of driving ditch diggers. 

Happy hour and skyline tour – Chicago Helicopter Experience

As anyone who travels a lot can tell you, drinking and flying go hand-in-hand (as long as you’re not the pilot of course). After you enjoy some appetizers and light drinks, you and your group will be whisked into the sky on a state-of-the-art helicopter for some breathtaking views of Chicago’s downtown cityscape. You and your group will be able to chat over the provided noise-canceling headsets as you take in the sights. It’s a great way to photograph views of Chicago’s Willis Tower, Hancock Building and Lake Michigan that you—quite literally—can’t get anywhere else.

Boston Harbor sailing lesson – Courageous Sailing

Even if they don’t know a mizenmast from a main sail, your guests will get to feel like a real skipper with a certified sailing lesson on the Boston Harbor. The lesson can be as involved as you prefer, and will give your attendees a stunning view of the city as they sail around the harbor. For a little extra flair, you can even add a post-sailing reception with light bites and drinks as your guests revel in their adventure on the semi-open seas.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Contact us and we’ll help you find or design the experience that suits your needs.


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