National Partner Highlight: New Balance

By Alex Borkowski | October 29, 2018 | Posted in About Kapow, Boston, Event Spotlights, New York City, News

If you’re planning a multi-event program, Kapow’s national partners can be a great place to start. Planning events in multiple markets can be a daunting task — especially if you want to stick to a cohesive theme. Sticking with one partner gives you the ability to create an easily replicated event across multiple markets and often make great add-on events as well. To help you get a sense of the kinds of events a national partner with Kapow can provide, we asked Kapow’s director of national partnerships Jen Chopra to tell us a little bit about our partnership with New Balance and what they can provide to your next event.

The national partner at a glance: New Balance

A leading industry brand for over a century, New Balance offers retail events focused on wellness and fitness. They offer comprehensive fittings and expert advice to help your guests find their perfect piece of equipment. As a national partner, New Balance has locations across the U.S. with many experiences existing in Kapow’s secondary markets. What sets New Balance apart from other national partners is the coverage. Although there are 25 separate New Balance experiences live on the site, Kapow can actually produce closer to 130.

“Kapow can do events in any New Balance location,” says Chopra. “They have 130 and they’re franchised, so we have to sign up each store separately. However if we have the demand in an area, we can simply reach out to the nearest location. This applies even if they’re not ‘live’ on our site. That really makes them a great resource for retail-themed multi-event programs.”

How a national partnership is formed

The idiosyncratic nature of this partnership comes from how it was formed in the first place, according to Chopra. “This partnership actually came to fruition after Kapow had reached out to New Balance to partner on a multi-event series last January,” she explains.

“We had hosted around 12-15 events at various locations across the United States and then, as we were discussing a partnership after the series, NB Corporate invited me to their annual owners meeting in Georgia last summer. There, I hosted a booth onsite and presented Kapow to franchisees. I spoke to approximately 75 or so owners out of 130.”

It’s a departure from the way that Kapow normally signs partners, but it has its benefits. “Although the experience we have is focused on wellness and fitness, if the client wants a more “lifestyle focused event” like city walking we could absolutely do that. In markets like San Francisco, New York and Boston they can also do custom shoe events as well.”

Visit Kapow.com to learn more about our New Balance experiences and for more information about other national partnerships.


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