March Madness Client Events: Score big and drive attendance

It’s that time of year again! The NCAA Finals are once again upon us. If you haven’t caught March Madness yet, it’s a great time to spark up a conversation and increase your face time by hosting March Madness client events. But watch out—you may not sweep your strategy if your tournament trivia comes up short. Check out these must know facts and how you can use them when planning March Madness corporate events.

What are the NCAA Finals?

Alternatively known as “March Madness” or “The Big Dance,” The NCAA Finals are a head-to-head competition on the collegiate level. This event, started in 1939, determines whom among the 68 Division I college basketball programs will be crowned the champion team. It starts on Selection Sunday when the participants are announced, seeded and placed before wrapping almost a month later with the Final Four. This year, Selection Sunday lands on March 15th and the Final Four begins on April 4th with the championship game tipping off on April 6th.

According to the Associated Press, the top 8 teams to battle for the title are:  Baylor, Gonzaga, Kansas, San Diego State, Dayton, Duke, Maryland and Florida State—but don’t finalize your brackets yet! There are always upsets in the tournament.



When and where does it take place?

The NCAA Finals takes place all over the country. Portions of the first and second rounds will take place in 8 cities. A Midwest, West, South and East Regional follow, taking place in four additional cities. The Final Four takes places in Atlanta, meaning regardless of where you live in the country, at least one of these 13 cities will be close to where you work! Here’s the full breakdown for reference:

Chart for the Final Four in the NCAA basketball finals


What makes the NCAA Finals a great opportunity for customer face time?

Not sold on sporting events for client entertainment? Consider this! Chances are someone you’re attempting to market to may have a fond memory associated with one of the teams competing, if not the event itself. If your guests didn’t attend a D1 basketball school, there’s a good chance a parent or relative did. With 68 teams competing, there’s a great chance your clients have a positive association with at least one of them—even if it’s just proximity of a team to where they live or grew up! In addition, the games are exciting and spirited exercises of athleticism and school spirit! What’s to say “no” to?

It also dovetails nicely with the reason for hosting events. According to Kapow’s 2019 events guide, 45% of events booked were for client entertainment and networking. The NCAA tournament gives hosts plenty of time to share an experience with their guests that can be used to move marketing qualified leads down your pipeline.




What kind of events can you book for a March Madness event?

If you’re intrigued by the prospect of a March Madness event, you can’t go wrong with a dedicated happy hour for the event. They’re easy to book and produce while offering great face time with clients. You’ll want to make sure you book them in a lively space to produce the right mindset for cheering on your team. If you need some inspiration, check out a few of our favorite sports bars all across the country below!

If you really want to go above and beyond, one way to wow clients is with a customized March Madness suite. From upscale food and drink to luxury views and accommodations, suites are always a 3 pointer! If you’re looking for March Madness client events that are even more customized, get in touch with an events specialist today. Book a buzzer-beater today before the shot clock runs out!


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