Kapow’s Expanding in 2018

After years of planning events for our clients, we’ve formed relationships with venues in dozens of cities across the U.S. While we’ve put a heavy focus on promoting experiences in roughly 25 larger markets on our website, we’re constantly building up our collection of events in smaller markets as well. Since Kapow is determined to be a platform for all of your corporate entertaining needs, we are excited to announce where we’re planning to expand in 2018. Though Kapow can help you find and book events in any city across the U.S., we’re planning to officially launch Nashville, Portland and Columbus, creating a comprehensive collection of unique event ideas that you can find and book online. 

Shortly after launching these three cities, we’re moving on to Tampa and St. Louis. So stay tuned for those exciting market launches in early 2018! And if you’re looking to host events in any of these markets, here’s why it pays to book with Kapow.

Book with Ease


Whether you were just handed a budget or have been waiting on approval from your boss or partner, booking a pre-packaged experience on Kapow.com is the best way to secure a phenomenal event on a short timeline. All Kapow listings have been created and approved by our venue partners, so there’s no need for the standard back and forth of negotiating with a venue and organizing every detail. The menu, bar package, space and run of show are ready to go, so all you have to do is show up! 

Expect higher quality

All Kapow listings are designed and heavily vetted by our expert staff to ensure maximum quality. Our team has analyzed data, and attendee and host feedback from the past few years to develop the perfect recipe for creating a successful corporate event. So you can book with confidence, knowing guests will be impressed with your event.

Pay market value

PortlandKapow listings are all advertised and sold at market value. If you were to call the venue directly for a quote, the cost would mirror the cost on Kapow. The only exception is producing an event at a venue outside of Kapow’s Partner Network, where there may be a small planning fee associated with the booking. However, the new market launches should cut back on these additional costs.

Stay in the know

Not only does Kapow help you plan and execute events, but we also utilize our marketing and social channels to keep you up-to-date with what’s cool, unique and new in our markets. With these new strategic markets, you won’t miss a beat.

If you have any questions about these market launches, are looking to book an event or have suggestions for where we should go next, reach out to your dedicated Kapow rep or contact us.


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