The Kapow Spelling Bee

While strolling down the garland-lined hallways, and standing in line to reheat their peppermint mochas, a few lucky Kapow employees were selected for the ultimate spelling bee. Although the test was a breeze for our seasoned event planners, it wasn’t a walk in the park for those more familiar with number crunching and code writing than menus and BEOs. We pulled terms from a variety of Kapow experiences, with a focus on tricky terms that would normally force our guinea pigs to rely on automatic spellcheck — think the red squiggly underline. We didn’t hold back on our tech and finance teammates, we even banned the always helpful pen and paper. Check out their creative responses below, and brush up on a few menu items that may leave you stumped, as well.

lawrence_chungHors d’oeuvres – small dishes that are served and enjoyed prior to a meal
Kapow Score: 0/4

  •      Lawrence (Tech Product Manager) – h’ordeurves X
  •      Brett (Partner Services Manager)  – h’orduers  X
  •      Kathleen (Partnerships Account Manager) – hors d’ouevres  X
  •      Corbin (Staff Accountant) – hors’du’horves X

Expand your palette with a variety of exotic hors d’oeuvres at L.A’s The Bazaar by Jose Andres.

Charcuterie – a style of cooking dedicated to the preparation and presentation of meats
Kapow Score: 2/4

  •      Lawrence – Charcuterie   Definition: ”It’s meat right?”
  •      Brett – Charcutery  X  Definition: “It’s a meats and cheeses”
  •      Kathleen – Charcuterie  Definition: “A plate of assorted meats…delicious”
  •      Corbin – charchutery X Defintion: “I have no idea”

Head over to Belcampo Restaurant and Butcher Shop in San Francisco for housemade charcuterie and a three-course dinner.

kathleen_hogan_2Prosciutto – dried Italian ham served in thin slices
Kapow Score: 1/4

  •      Lawrence – procuitto X
  •      Brett – proccuitto X
  •      Kathleen – prosciutto
  •      Corbin – Perchuitto X

Try the Spanish equivalent during a cultured evening of ham and wine pairings at NYC favorite Jamon.

Fettuccine – ribbon pasta
Kapow Score: 1/4

  •      Lawrence – fettucni X
  •      Brett – fettachinni X
  •      Kathleen – fettuccine
  •      Corbin – Fettuccinni X

Prepare pasta with the chef during a cooking class at Princi Italia in Dallas.

brett_gilbert_2Worcestershire – a savory sauce used to increase flavor
Kapow Score: 1/4

  •      Lawrence – Worcetershire X
  •      Brett – Worsetechire X
  •      Kathleen – Worcestshire
  •      Corbin – whorchestershire X

Dine at N9NE in Las Vegas or Girin Steakhouse & Ssam Bar in Seattle and enjoy steak so perfectly prepared you won’t need any extra sauce.

Accommodations – a room or group of rooms where someone may stay
Kapow Score: 3/4

  •      Lawrence – accommodations
  •      Brett – accommodations
  •      Kathleen – accommadations X  “oh this one is easy”
  •      Corbin – accommodations

Looking for a couple nights away at a remote destination? Check out our Incentive Trips.

Pass the test but looking for more unique Kapow events? Browse through our extensive repertoire of experience across the country and book an evening that is sure to leave your clients impressed…..even if they can’t tell you the meaning of aubergine (eggplant).


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