Whip your event strategy into shape in 2019

There are only a few weeks until the holidays, and the end of 2018 is fast approaching. You might still have a few weeks to put off figuring out your personal resolutions, but we’ve got some suggestions for how to make sure your 2019 event strategy is in fighting shape and ready to go. Check them out below!

Do your research:

You shouldn’t go for a run without stretching or start lifting without knowing proper form (we hope).  So why would you go into your event half-prepared? We recommend zoning in on top prospect personas and getting to know them through the avenues available before the event. This includes being mindful of the companies and titles you’re looking to court, but it’s more than that. Get to know the person behind that title so you have something to break the ice. Find mutual interests so it’s not an awkward non sequitur.

This pre-event prep should also extend to your event goals and ROI metrics. Sure, you can just head to the gym and start lifting weights—you’ll probably even see some results if you keep at it—but you’re more likely to waste time on the wrong things. There’s a world of difference between that and a well-researched training regime that highlights specific muscle groups you’d like to target. If you know going into your event who your expected and desired turnout groups are and what your success metrics are, you’re going to have a more successful event and be prepared with the proof to share with stakeholders.

Be aware of your AV needs:

We’ve all gotten trapped by this one. There’s a gym close to your apartment that has serviceable amenities and a good price point, but there’s also a pricier one a little further away with the works. Being aware of your AV needs for your 2019 events is a lot like picking your gym. If you need an impressive AV setup to execute your strategy and you’re confident you can pull it off, then that’s great. If you don’t, keep your tech needs more manageable. Be realistic about what your needs are and don’t waste time and money on a sophisticated set up that is more bells and whistles than actual productivity.

Consider a multi-event series:

Event marketing and working out have another key thing in common: consistency is key. Working out once is great! But if you can’t replicate it, you’re not going to get much out of your training regimen. Events function in a similar way. Hosting one good event is great, but you may need to scale that success to multiple events, often in multiple markets to get the results you need.

Multi-series events can be easy to scale with the right strategy and tools in place. Working with a partner like Kapow, you can coordinate events in multiple markets across various event types, ensuring that your clients—regardless of location—get a unique event with a strong concept. A multi-series event offers a compelling mix of repeatability and variation that can be perfect for a challenging events schedule in 2019.

Bring in the experts:

Sometimes you just need to bring in an expert. In fitness, this can mean hiring a personal trainer or even just bringing a friend to keep you accountable. In events, it means finding a partner to help you crush your event strategy. Kapow solves common event planning pain points—everything from streamlining the booking experience to keeping track of RSVPs to receiving guest feedback after the event. Everything you need to take the stress out of your event strategy and leave you free to enjoy the event you designed.

If you’re looking for a more in-depth, fully designed event, Kapow also offers Platinum events. These multi-component events are perfect for wowing MVPs and executing anything outside the scope of a normal event. It’s a little like getting that final push to really activate your core during a workout for those few weeks just before swimsuit season comes around again.

Ready to start sculpting your 2019 event strategy into a lean, mean networking machine? Check out more than 10,000 experiential corporate events in markets all over the U.S. and Canada.


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