How To Effectively Use AV Equipment

Nothing makes an event or presentation fall flatter than sound, lighting or tech issues. Without sound and light, the presenter is just standing silent and alone in the dark without an audience they can see. So, when planning your offsite meeting, reception or large-scale event, few things are more important than your audiovisual equipment. Utilizing audiovisual (or AV) equipment effectively can be a great way to take an already great event to the next level. In addition, many Kapow experiences are already packaged with AV equipment included. Still, it helps to make the most of what’s available to you. Here are a few tips that will ensure your guests aren’t left in the dark silence.

Focus on what’s exciting:

One of the easiest ways to maximize AV equipment at an event is to focus on what’s exciting, according to Event Manager. That can include anything from dramatic lighting to having screens and video that showcase additional content for your attendees to peruse during the event. You can also consider adding in some VR tech to keep guests extra engaged. AV equipment also excels at helping your attendees visualize what you’re talking about. This aspect makes it ideal for product demonstrations, overviews and presentations. Effective screen use can supercharge your conference marketing strategy, lead to more engagement (and thus more return-on-investment) than if you’d neglected or misused your equipment.

As with all things marketing, use your best judgement. If you’re excited about using the equipment provided, or if it’s a necessary addition to selling a product or a platform your prospective buyers can’t easily visualize, you’re more likely to use it in interesting and unique ways. That excitement will translate to your guests, leading to a more engaged audience.

Mind your volume:

If you’re going to use AV equipment at your next event, proper volume control is paramount. Ever been to a concert where the sound mixing is subpar? You definitely notice, and it impacts your experience. Using sound amplifiers at your event is the same way. BizBash states that poor audio quality will cut down on engagement at your event, since if your attendees can’t hear you, they can’t listen to what you’re trying to say and sell them on. Low audio quality can lead to a bored, tuned out and phone-checking audience. Not great, considering you want them paying rapt attention to your presentation. Even if you’ve encouraged them to cut out personal screen time, guidelines like that will only do so much if your AV strategy isn’t up to snuff. Less enthused attendees are also harder to follow up with, directly impacting your ROI.

Additionally, if you’ve got remote viewers at your event and don’t provide mics for question-askers, you’ll run into issues there as well. According to BizBash, nothing takes a remote attendee to tune out faster than when they feel like they’re missing context that’s provided to in-person attendees. Remote attendees might already feel frustrated that they’re not able to attend in person. BizBash suggests reminding presenters to periodically speak to the remote attendees directly, but this doesn’t help if they’re only getting half the presentation. This again leads to tune-out and inattentiveness, without the saving grace of being able to interact with them in person. Making sure your remote attendees feel just as included as people on-site isn’t just considerate, it’s pivotal to ensuring your AV strategy helps your bottom line.

Know your limits:

Currently, there’s a lot of noise in the events world about what new technology will and won’t change the way you do business forever. However technology use in events is all about “should you,” not “could you.” As BizBash tells us, the most important question to keep in mind when planning technology at an event is “do we need this?” It’s important to focus on what your goals are for the event and design your technology around that. If a piece of technology distracts from your goals, it’s not worth having at your event, even if it’s cutting-edge. You don’t have to do it all (even if it can seem like it), so don’t feel pressured to sacrifice event integrity for AV technology.

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