How To Boost Your Onsite Productivity During Events

It’s a new year and we’ve already hit the ground running with 2019 events and conferences. As we’re consulting our calendar and scheduling who is going to be onsite at which event, we’re thinking about ways to maximize our time. We’ve adopted a “road warrior” state of mind to ensure that we’re as efficient as possible when we travel for events. Being onsite to see the magic happen can be exciting and rewarding, but it’s not without its share of stresses. Check out some of our tips below for boosting your onsite productivity during event days.

Delegate to increase onsite productivity

If you’re a marketer or event planner, chances are you’re no stranger to filling a lot of shoes. You’re scheduling email campaigns, overseeing blog content and working with Sales to follow up on leads, and, oh yea, planning and executing events. You can’t do it all yourself, though. Get more done by knowing when to let go. As part of Kapow’s Conference Crush series, we noted that every onsite team should have three members: a logistics person, a sales closer and a buffer who can fill in as needed. Delegating a task to each member of your team and not micro-managing might fly in the face of some managerial strategies, but it’s pivotal to efficient day-of event prep.

Reducing the number of things you need to keep track of is also a great way to keep your head in the game. Using event technology can help you streamline and focus during your event. Use a check-in app to easily track invites and attendees, don’t worry about last minute logistics — it’s all been sorted out in advance when you book a pre-packaged event.

Know your objectives

We like to talk about objectives a lot when it comes to event planning. At the cost of sounding like a broken record, events live or die by the planning that goes into them. If you know why you’re throwing your event and who your VIPs are, you’re going to have clear objectives to track. Having a crystal clear idea of what you’re trying to get out of your event is going to make it much easier to stay focused day of. Clear focus aids everything from preparation to hosting a retail event VIPs are sure to love to being able to hold your team accountable for your goals and is one of the surest ways to increase your onsite productivity.

Don’t skimp on yourself

Events are stressful and time-sensitive. There’s a lot of pressure to get those connections, make those followups and forge a stronger future for your brand. And while a little bit of stress can help push you into high gear, it’s important to take care of yourself as well. Event Manager Blog offers numerous tips on how to have a more productive event day, but some of their most crucial tips involve a little self care. Some of their best tips for making the most of your event day include:

  • Get a good night’s sleep
  • Start the morning with something that soothes, like exercise or meditation
  • Wear (professional) clothing you feel confident in
  • Stay hydrated and fed

It can be tempting to prep into the wee hours of the morning or skimp on breakfast to make sure you’ve got your pitch down pat, but resist! All that work will be for nothing if you crash immediately after or—even worse—during your event.

Now that you’re well acquainted with how to make the most of your day-of event strategy, It’s time to kick your events into high gear. Check out Kapow’s marketplace for great event ideas that can be quickly and easily booked online, so you can focus on your day-of-event strategy.




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