How Kapow Solves Event Planning Pain Points

November 1, 2018 | Posted in About Kapow, Event Spotlights, Event Tips, News, Venue Tips

Coordinating events can be a lot. You have to pick an event based on client profiles and current trends. Then there’s actually coordinating the event proper. Afterward, you need to follow up with attendees (and no shows) and track your return on investment. When executed properly, events are a powerful addition to any company’s marketing strategy. However there’s no getting around it: event planning has a ton of potential pain points too. If your event planning is continually stymied by these snags, we’ve got a solution. You already know that Kapow offers tons of unique events—and in secondary markets too—but here’s how Kapow’s platform addresses common pain points for events organizers as well.

Research and booking

Before you have an event, you have to conceptualize it. Normally in event planning, this means researching your area, reaching out to multiple vendors (you need to have backups!), discuss your budget and then finally select one. Even once that’s done, you’re going to be negotiating price with the vendor you did pick. All that takes time, and it’s time taken away from other projects. All in all, it takes about 8 hours from the initial research to the final selection, and that’s if you’re really motoring. 

By contrast, booking with Kapow can take as little as an hour. You simply browse your preferred market, select an event, check your desired date and time for availability and then book. It’s that easy.

Payments, contracts and invoices

Even once your event is booked, normal planning involves a lot of waiting. First, you’re bottlenecked awaiting the invoice from the vendor. Then, you’ve got to decode the invoice and contract before sending your deposit. Then, you still need to send your contract and invoices to your decision makers. A ton of discrete steps that can cost you three or more days of waiting around. With Kapow, you can securely check out online in as little as three minutes. No waiting for your invoice or contract either; it’s emailed to you the minute you check out.

 Pre-event planning and preparation

Tracking attendance and finishing your pre-event preparation can be an ordeal in and of themselves. Normally, tracking attendance requires picking a preferred sending tool before designing and sending individual invites. Once that’s done, you have to monitor your RSVPs utilizing a third party app and send out periodic reminder emails to your attendees. You’re continuing to lose time with each step of this process. By contrast, you can use Kapow to handle everything from customizing invites and monitoring RSVPs.

Just before your event begins, you’re often playing phone tag with the venue to finalize the event. You have to submit a final payment by snail mail, phone or email and then finally call the vendor again to finalize the last details. With Kapow, you send a secure final payment through our platform and then we call you to finalize details. No playing phone tag, no quibbling with the venue about changes or snags.

During and post-event follow-up

When you schedule an event, your work doesn’t end day-of. You’ve got to arrive early—usually several hours beforehand—to monitor the event setup and field staff questions. Then, you’ve got to get your pen and paper out to check your guests in longhand. Even better, you’re on the hook for assisting with the event that you’ve thrown—no open mimosa bar for you. When you book an event with Kapow, just get to your space 30 minutes early to check in and monitor setup. Then, when your guests start to arrive, you can check them in using Kapow’s app. You threw the event, you should get to enjoy it!

Even once the event is done, the event planning isn’t if you’ve booked independently. You have to wait for your final invoice, submit that to management and then calculate your ROI from multiple emails and other systems you’ve used to organize your event. Have any issues with your event or want feedback from guests? You’ll have to set aside time to do that too. If you’re using Kapow, you can view your guest feedback directly from our app. 

As opposed to independently organizing an event, utilizing Kapow for your events needs allows you to expend a minimum amount of effort—fewer phone calls, fewer emails and fewer systems—for a maximum amount of face time with clients and ROI. If you’re looking to further customize your next event, check out Kapow’s platinum offerings for a fully customizable event that puts the control into your hands.


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