Event Tips For When You Can’t Tour The Venue

Marketers planning events have their work cut out for them. Between deciding what kind of event to host, who to invite and defining your event goals, you’ll also need to make the all important decision of where to host. But what if you’re planning an event in a market other than the one you’re sitting in, and time or budget doesn’t allow you to scout the space? Booking an event without being able to see the space first might seem like a bit of a gamble, but it doesn’t have to be. Kapow offers you numerous ways to check out a venue without setting foot inside of it. Check them out below.

Do some neighborhood homework

Realistically, even the most well-traveled urban explorer has a few neighborhoods they’re not totally familiar with. So how do you find out if a neighborhood is a diamond in the rough, or just rough? The easiest way is to do a little bit of homework.  Every Kapow experience is accompanied by a Google map, so you can see exactly where the venue is—and visualize the neighborhood and surrounding area. Use street view to get a feel for the area. For additional insights, reach out to your account manager to get personalized recommendations from one of our local experts about which neighborhood best fits your audience and desired event vibe (hip, classic, gourmet, theatrical, etc.). Take it a step further and ask about our Attendee Science feature that allows you to map out where your prospects and clients’ offices and commutes are, so you can choose a venue that is convenient for them. 

Know your event’s expected attendance and interest

Understanding how many people you’re planning an event for is pivotal for hosting a smash hit. There’s no point in hosting a clothes fitting event if you’re expecting 300 attendees. Likewise, it’s not ideal to book a venue buyout if you’re only planning on hosting a few high profile clients. Having a clear headcount defined and letting your account manager know what you’re interested in doing—small scale, large scale—will help narrow down your search. Kapow lists the minimum and maximum attendance allowable for each of our events clearly at the top of each posting, so there’s no risk you’re going to book an event that will be over- (or under-!) attended.

Virtually tour the space

Many of Kapow’s experiences are accompanied by 360-degree 3D virtual tours. So, even when you can’t physically tour the space, you can virtually tour the space to get a feel for the depth, decor and layout. All experience listings also include photos of the indoor and outdoor space, decor, cuisine, entertainment and other features—this combined with the 360 tour is the next best thing to being there in person.

Let us take care of it

Coordinating events can take a ton of time, and we get that. If there’s one that you really need to knock out of the park, may we recommend hosting a Kapow Platinum event? With this program, we’ll help you out with every step of the process, from ideation to planning to execution. It doesn’t get much easier than that for planning an event if you’re unable to see the space on your own beforehand.


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