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The event planners and account managers at Kapow have a very special relationship with the 3,000+ pre-packaged events featured on the Kapow website. Our team works side-by-side with our venue and vendor partners to create events that are easy to book and execute and drive attendance for corporate groups by being memorable and unique. Given the love, sweat and work that goes into building these relationships and designing the events, it’s unsurprising that feelings and relationships develop.

While it’s always difficult to pick a favorite, in the spirit of Valentine’s Day this year, we made them do it anyway. They were all relieved that we didn’t make them pick a final rose recipient, but they did choose 3-5 finalists. Tastes ranged from hands-on activities and cooking classes to retail pop-up shops and other unique events. Top selections ranged from coast to coast, and varying budgets and group sizes. These high performing events have a special place in our hearts because they provide you with unforgettable customer events that help you meet your goals and increase customer face time!

The Experiences Kapow Event Experts Love 

Carly Masucci – National Supply Account Executive 

Shelby Vierling – Senior Event Specialist

Sydney Putrich – Senior Event Specialist

Keaka Rietow – West Coast Supply Account Executive

Molly Biesanz – Event Specialist 

Looking for more recommendations so you can plan and scale your event programs stress-free? Explore the other highly rated Kapow experiences across the country, or reach out to a Kapow event planner for event planning, booking and execution help that will drive attendance. 


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