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January 17, 2019 | Posted in News

It’s a new year and almost everyone is thinking about ways to improve themselves in 2019 — diets, gym memberships and cycling class attendance are at their peak. Stand out to your prospects by capitalizing on this vibe and offer them a way to learn a new skill with an educational experience.

We dove deep into Kapow data and booking trends from 2018, and we noticed an increase in attendance and engagement when an educational experience was on the event agenda. Think less lecture in a dimly lit classroom, and more new and exciting skills in a unique setting that can transfer over into their professional or personal lives. Find out the top three reasons adding an educational experience to your future event program will drive attendance and ROI. 

They generate FOMO (fear of missing out)

Nothing ignites the FOMO flame like promising an out-of-the-ordinary experience that will add some much needed excitement to the work week. And this becomes even more palpable when the event includes trying out a new skill that guests haven’t previously had exposure to. Glass blowing, woodworking, metal forging and flower arranging are all activities that can now be booked as pre-packaged experiences, and are guaranteed to be new to at least some of your prospects.

On top of that recent studies cite employees who get involved in creative activities outside of work may experience a boost in their job performance. So, even the c-suite should be supportive of time spent at educational experiences after hours. After all, the modern, always-on work routine limits the amount of exposure we all get to spend on unusual hobbies or creative outlets. This makes educational events ones that your guests won’t want to miss.

They increase engagement

Anyone who’s gone to a cocktail party completely alone knows that small talk can be awkward at best and excruciating at worst. An educational experience gives your guests something to focus on and keeps the conversation flowing throughout the entirety of the event. It eliminates awkward lulls in the action and gives everyone something to talk about. When introducing yourself to top prospects, ask if they are familiar with the scheduled lesson or if they have participated in the past. Get to know their personal and professional interests as they relate to the theme of the evening and the educational takeaway. Once the educational portion has come to a close, ask the participant if they enjoyed the lesson, while also contributing your own personal thoughts and feelings. Connecting over a shared experience is a great way to nurture a professional relationship and connect in a new way.   

They leave an impression

A week after your event, attendees aren’t going to remember every appetizer they ate or drink they had, but learning how to master an Old Fashioned, forge metal or sail a sailboat will be cemented in their minds for years to come. They’ll remember what they learned and associate it with you — your brand and, you, the person who they (hopefully) are going to be doing business with. In addition, spending time on a hobby or leisurely activity may help them turn over a new leaf and start a full-fledged hobby. According to an article in the New York Times last year, non-fiction writer and researcher Brigid Schulte said, “leisure time spent doing what we want to do is aspirational and when it does come about, it is a guilty pleasure …. You have to begin experiencing this kind of time, and once you see what it does for you and how valuable it is, you’re going to want more of it.”

Earn yourself (and your guests) an A+ by putting these new event learnings into action and incorporating an educational experience into your next event program. Not only will you generate FOMO, increase engagement and leave an impression, but you’ll also learn a thing or two along the way. Check out some of our favorite educational events below, or reach out the Kapow event experts to customize your own educational corporate event.


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