Creative Ideas For Your Next Corporate Event

When you book a corporate event, you’ve got a choice to make. Do you want a popular event destination? A venue that appeared on television? Maybe you want an event that fits with current trends in corporate events. There are other options, however. If you know your clients well, an outside-the-box experience is the perfect thing to leave a lasting impression with your guests. To help make that decision easier, we’ve handpicked some of our favorite unique, unusual or just off the beaten path events for your perusal below.

Lawless Forge, Seattle

If you’re looking for an event that breaks the mold, it’s hard to find one more idiosyncratic than forging your very own bottle opener at Lawless Forge. Nestled in the heart of Seattle’s industrial district, Lawless Forge will allow your guests to utilize age-old forging techniques in this unique and exciting event. Guests will learn how to use tools like a hammer, anvil and a forge to turn steel into a bottle opener they can take home at the event’s conclusion.

Tortoise Supper Club, Chicago

Tortoise Supper Club is a storied Chicago dining venue owned and operated by lifelong residents of the City of Big Shoulders. Filled with Old Chicago history, paraphernalia and and stories, this private dining experience is the perfect way to acquaint yourself with some of the coolest artifacts from the Windy City. Your guests will take in the ambiance in one of two private spaces as they enjoy a three course meal with paired wine. It’s a venue heavy with history, and your next corporate event is sure to benefit from this historic venue.

Dueling Axes, Columbus

Part lounge, part logger’s dream, it’s hard to go wrong with an axe-throwing experience from Dueling Axes. Perfectly located in Central Columbus, Dueling Axes puts your guests close to all the city’s hottest eateries, bars and nightlife. When your guests arrive, they’ll have the opportunity to hurl axes downrange while competing with their coworkers or clients. While not tossing axes, your group will be able to enjoy passed appetizers and drinks provided by Flowers & Bread. Axe throwing is great on its own, but when coupled with catered food and beverages? It’s a recipe for success.

Noir Lounge, San Francisco

See the best of both worlds with a catered happy hour and noir-style party game at Noir Lounge from the Racket. Set in Hayes Valley, Noir Lounge is a mystery-inspired space filled wall to wall with inspiration from all your favorite films noir, whether you’re a fan of the Continental Op or Sam Spade. Your guests will have the opportunity to unwind, enjoy a hard drink and then the real fun begins—a crime and intrigue-styled party game hosted by The Racket. Your guests will each get a profession befitting a noir character and a wad of cash. Last one standing at the end of the night wins, but everyone who attends is certain to have a spectacular time at this creative and exciting corporate event.

Tujague’s, New Orleans

Tujague’s has been a Cajun food staple in New Orleans since 1856. That’s over 150 years of culinary history your guests will be able to dig into as they enjoy a three or four course meal with call bar drinks. In addition to delicious Creole staples, this event comes with a chef demonstration by Poppy Tooker who (quite literally) wrote the book on Tujague’s historic menu. As part of this experience, Tooker will demonstrate the techniques behind numerous historic Southern dishes, from proper roux-making technique to down home comforts like po-boys and Creole Bread Pudding with French bread. It’s historic, it’s exciting, and most importantly it’s delicious.

The Late Late, New York City

Enjoy a taste of midcentury Ireland at a corporate event that’s about as far away from a “traditional Irish pub” as you can get. Named after 1960s Ireland’s most subversive late night talkshow, The Late Late will transport your guests to the cozy den of an Irish household for the duration of this private event. Your group will enjoy a thoroughly Irish selection of 50 whiskeys, cutting edge DJ sets and hip retro fittings. And did we mention the stellar views of the Lower East Side provided by the venue’s perfect Houston street location? The Late Late is sure to be one of the most unique Irish pubs (and pub in general) your guests are likely to visit.


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