Capitalizing On Your Event Promo Post-Event

If you can’t tell already, we here at Kapow are a little gaga for event promo. By now you’ve learned how to select a promo-worthy event and how to maximize your reach before the event itself. But much as after the party comes the afterparty, after the event comes the follow up. This is your moment to capitalize on all the good work you’ve done. Take your next steps confidently because you’re in the home stretch.

How to boost event promo internallyAn internally consistent event promo between marketing and other aligned stakeholders is guaranteed to sing

Last week, we discussed how to connect with your potential attendees through your marketing channels. But that’s not all you can do to get that “yes.” Partnering with your sales team can be a great resource for you to leverage internally. After all, your sales and account teams will form the “face” of your event for the customer, so it’s important you work closely with them to solidify your strategy internally.

You can align with your sales team in some of the following ways:

  • Have a kick-off meeting with sales and account managers in the region or vertical where your event takes place
  • Let relevant sales and account managers review your list of potential attendees
  • Share your ideas with sales and allow them to provide feedback
  • Hold a meeting halfway to your event to help track registrations and brainstorm attendance incentives
  • Schedule a pre-event meeting to finalize who’s attending, event flow and general networking tips

Some ways you can help your sales teams are as follows:

  • Provide them with email templates and phone scripts to make following up a snap
  • Send weekly updates to keep internal engagement going and sponsor contests to boost camaraderie and motivation
  • Sent interesting attendee info to your sales teams so they can focus their efforts
  • Collect feedback from them post-event and incorporate it for next time
  • Clue them in on your post-event follow-up strategies

Post-event followup

Now that we’ve discussed your internal pre-event prep, remember our timeline from last time? Good news! It doesn’t end when your event wraps. After your event ends, you’ll want to take the following steps to capitalize on that great bash you just threw:

  • 1 day after the event: Email your guests a post-event survey
  • 1 week after the event: Send your attendees takeaway content by email and connect 1:1 by phone
  • 2 weeks after the event: Reconnect with your guests using 1:1 email engagement and phone calls

Connecting with sales and account managers can make your event promo really singAll of these are important, but you’ll want to have your post-event survey ready to go for the day after the event ends. Specific, honest feedback is only going to get harder to obtain the further into your collective rearview mirrors your event becomes. In addition, you’ll want to ensure your feedback contains actionable data to properly analyze your event ROI. If you can’t use that data to make your next event better, it might be helpful to have but it’s going to be irrelevant to your marketing strategy.

It’s important not to skimp on these steps in your event timeline because all of them provide an additional five touch points with customers. Five! Even if they don’t actually end up attending your event. You can’t buy that kind of engagement. Well, not technically true—you can with an event package from kapow.com. There’s no better way to put this advice into practice than with an exclusive event on our site.


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