4 Fun ‘Sweatworking’ Ideas

Lasting business is hard to come by. When we think of client entertainment, the stodgy and stuffy cocktail receptions and lavish client dinners spring to mind. While that is a tried-and-true way to court new business, we have found a way to skip the small talk and jump right to a solid bond. It’s as simple as breaking a sweat. No, not bikram yoga, but physical movement—decidedly away from cocktail networking and seven-course meals.      

Happy young African man showing his thumbs up you and smiling while group of people in casual wear standing on backgroundLike a D-List celebrity and the Oscars, sweating and business have never been intentionally paired together. However, sweating is actually one of the best bonders. It usually means you’re exercising, which besides the obvious benefits (hello beach body), it releases endorphins into your system which leads to feeling happy. Adrenaline does similar good work on your body with the release of cortisol (stress-reducing hormone), and boosting your energy and brainpower. Multiple studies have shown that sweat-producing and adrenaline-inducing activities create stronger bonds between the people participating. It’s also a surefire way to impress young clients that may be interested in an unconventional sales meeting. Check out these adrenaline-pumping, sweat-producing, bond-building experiences that you can book through Kapow.

Get your sweat glands working at Houston Polo Club

Learn the ins and outs of polo while releasing harmful toxins and built up BPA. Guests will learn how to ride a polo pony and take turns in the iron horse hitting cage to learn basic skills, including how to swing a foot mallet. In addition to bonding with clients on the field, you’ll create unique memories that can’t be topped.

Release the Feel-Good Laughing Hormones with Table Tennis in Chicago

SweatGet your giggle on at Killerspin in the heart of The Loop. Laugh at your ridiculous attempts at a game-ending backhand shot or chuckle when your heroic dive to save the point goes awry. Every giggle, chortle and belly laugh shared with your clients decreases stress hormones and increases immune cells. After the ball has bounced its final game-ending bounce, enjoy the light bites and brews to console or celebrate with clients.


Enjoy the heart-pounding experience of skydiving at iFLY

iflyBreak out of boardroom boredom and book an event at iFLY. Tailored perfectly for the young, hip clients that are always looking for the next big thing, this event will have clients raving about the blood-pumping thrill of indoor skydiving. With the zero-gravity sensation and 100 mph winds, this will be a client meeting they’ll relive every chance they get.

Go for something classic

Health-conscious clients_2If you’re more of a traditional business bonder that’s not quite ready to dive in to an sweat-inducing experience with clients, don’t worry, you can opt to go the classic route by hitting golf balls as you overlook Chelsea Piers. You’ll be active, but without worrying about looking winded in front of your clients.

Creating memories and developing strong bonds through fun events—with built-in conversation starters—has never been so easy. Check out any of the previously mentioned experiences or browse through over 500 experiences Kapow has put together by clicking on the button below.



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