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How to return to in-person

The value of in-person events is irreplaceable. Over the past two years, Kapow! has shifted its focus from face-to-face events to virtual events. Although virtual events have proved their success, I think we can all admit we miss in-person events.


Searching for in-person events looks different now. There are a few things our team of event experts advise our clients to consider.


Contracts and cancellations are even more important now than they were pre-COVID.
Kapow! can help centralize your process for venue sourcing. Kapow! reduces the risk and time of contracts signed with individual suppliers across your organization.


Finding the right venue for the best attendee experience to make sure your guests are comfortable. Kapow! has thousands of prequalified network suppliers. Kapow! can help make sure your venue and space have enough distance so your attendees can safely return to in-person events.

We know it’s an adjustment to return to in-person events, so rest assured that Kapow! is here to help you book a safe event.


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