Austin Events To Check Out At SXSW

By Alex Borkowski | February 28, 2019 | Posted in About Kapow, Austin, Conference Marketing, Event Spotlights, News

We’re only a few weeks away from the start of South by Southwest, the Southwest’s premier conference celebrating the intersection of art, music, film and interactivity. From March 8–17, Austin will be abuzz with the confluence of culture and innovation. If you’re planning on making the trip to SXSW, or just in the area already, we’ve got a slew of events you can check out to catch your breath as you take in the week’s seminars, musical performances and more. These events are the perfect opportunity to unwind and take in some of Austin’s best sights. Check them out below!

Ranch-to-table feast at Jacoby’s

Decamp after a day of connection-making and exploration with a delicious three course meal from Jacoby’s. Located in East Austin along the banks of the Colorado River, Jacoby’s is a true ranch-to-table concept in a hip neighborhood. Guests will arrive and enjoy cocktails on Jacoby’s all-season patio as they mingle and enjoy the views. From there, you’ll enjoy a full three-course meal featuring delicious family-style sides and dishes. Ingredients will be provided by Jacoby’s farm and attached ranching operation, founded in 1981. You’ll also leave with a special gift from the attached Mercantile. It’s the perfect way to unwind and re-energize after a hectic day at SXSW.

Mobile Creature Coffee espresso bar

Provide an oasis for your exhibitors or a much-needed pitstop with a mobile espresso bar from Creature Coffee. This mobile offering brings delicious craft espresso drinks to a location of your choosing. Creature Coffee baristas will be on-hand to brew delicious drinks like lattes, cappuccinos and flat whites for your guests—the perfect pre-meeting boost. Creature Coffee sources its beans from the top 3% of all growers, so you can feel confident that your guests are getting delicious, quality espresso. 

The sight of a portable espresso machine is sure to add some extra class to this mobile event. Your attendees will be invited to enjoy ethically- and sustainably-sourced coffee drinks in a way that looks great. Skip the Starbucks line and bring delicious drinks directly to your clients and coworkers with this exclusive add-on.

cityHUNT Austin scavenger hunt

SXSW is a whirlwind week at the best of times, but you shouldn’t forget to enjoy Austin for itself! Acquaint yourself with Austin proper with a cityHUNT scavenger hunt. This exciting scavenger hunt will have your group using their phones and pounding pavement and exploring one of the Southwest’s most idiosyncratic and characterful cities. In this experience, teams will do everything from team-building activities to photo challenges. This experience is also enhanced by the addition of the Adventure Guide, who’s part referee, part group photo taker and all cheerleader who’s on-hand to support your teams as they compete for scavenger hunt glory. A great way to explore Austin, cityHUNT provides the perfect way to shake out the pre- or post-fest jitters.

Exclusive buyout at G’Raj Mahal Cafe

Enjoy a taste of Western India with a buyout of G’Raj Mahal. Located in Austin’s exciting Rainey Street District, G’Raj Mahal is voted one of the best Indian restaurants in the country by Travel + Leisure. Guests will enter through a stunning main dining room and have full reign over this incredible space. G’Raj Mahal will provide delicious Indian appetizers like samosas and naan. Your attendees will also be able to drink from a provided beer and wine bar to keep the good times flowing. A henna artist will also be onsite to provide arresting temporary tattoos as well. Whether organizing a last night bash for prospective clients or a celebratory denouement for your coworkers, a buyout at G’Raj Mahal is the perfect way to end a memorable week in Austin.

Interested in seeing what else Kapow has to offer in ATX? You’re in luck. Head to kapow.com and find listings for all our Austin events, or browse by theme for even more inventive event ideas.


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