The 6 must-book multi-event series of 2019

As we inch closer and closer to 2019 you’re increasingly likely to hear words like streamline and scale inserted into conversations about meetings and events in the new year. Yes, corporate events can be high-touch and customized, but finding ways to execute them in faster and easier ways is more in demand than ever before. There are ways to make your events a repeatable template, rather than a highly manual process every time. And, you can successfully streamline and scale your events without losing the cool, cutting-edge elements that drive attendance.

Enter Kapow’s themed multi-event programs. With hundreds of suppliers across the country offering a variety of different event types and a team of seasoned event planners, Kapow has partnered with marketers and meeting planners all over the country to seamlessly scale and streamline their event programs so they can produce three, five, 50 or 100+ events that promise the same level of creativity, quality and, most importantly, a high attendance rate that will drive bottomline results.  

Over the past few weeks we’ve been nudging our event tastemakers and checking out the trends for a glimpse into 2019’s must-book multi-event series ideas. We’re excited to share the latest multi-event strategies that will kick-start your 2019 event program, save you valuable time and impress prospects and clients. Check out the new Kapow 2019 roadshow trends and start planning your streamlined and scaled national multi-event series.  

Balancing Act

With over 200 locations across the country, New Balance is a Kapow retail partner that promises thematic consistency and quality no matter the cities on your list.  Attendees have the option to get fitted for the perfect pair of New Balance running shoes or simply peruse the high-end apparel to fill any gaps in their workout wardrobe —all with a cocktail and appetizers in hand.

Add a relaxation station like Chicago’s PTN Wellness experience enhancement and a body language specialist to stir additional interest and add depth to the “balancing” and “wellness” theme of the event. Clients will leave centered, relaxed and running to fill your pipeline.  

Have a Sweet Time

Cooking classes have been a staple on the interactive food and beverage trends lists for years. Engaging and educational, they are a great way to keep attendees happy and the conversation flowing. However, their sweeter counterparts —baking and pastry classes— have often taken a seat on the back burner. 2019 promises to give extra attention to these equally engaging and educational events, that leave a sweet taste in every attendee’s mouth.

From chocolate classes to pastry making, all of our sweet-inspired experiences provide a great platform for a pre or post-baking presentation, increased social media activity and memorable post-event takeaways (cookbooks or high-end baking utensils)….which we all know is what pushes attendees to sign up and show up!

Lend a Hand

Selecting an item that is a want vs. a must is a key trick to picking a successful retail event series. We’ve discovered that attendees are more likely to show up when the item they take home falls into the “special treat” category. And, as winter blankets the majority of the U.S. in low temperatures, victims everywhere are reaching for their favorite pair of winter gloves only to find one missing! This tragedy is the perfect opportunity for you to swoop in and host a high-end leather glove shopping spree at Shinola or J.Crew.

Both brands specialize in the finest leather apparel (watches, belts, wallets, bags, etc.) and have mastered the art of timeless design and flawless execution. Plan a timely Q1 shopping spree with monogrammed leather gloves —plus a matching scarf or hat— that will keep your clients warm and trendy for years to come.

Smoke Show

Mezcal, 2018’s star liquor, isn’t going anywhere fast and will continue to strike an interest in event trendsetters throughout 2019. This agave-based alcoholic beverage is great for tastings and mixology classes, and can be found in Mexican restaurants and cocktail lounges across the country making it easy to find, book and scale. 

Plus, with its unusual smoky flavor, this Oaxacan liquor is a great addition to every at-home bar cart. Add a take-home bottle of Mezcal to your national event series to make sure everyone leaves with something to remember you by.

The Great Escape

Every working adult is looking for an escape from the day-to-day, especially after a stressful holiday season traveling or a particularly long work week. Thankfully virtual reality events are no longer limited to the tech-focused hills of Silicon Valley, making them the ultimate event for any planner or field marketer looking to max out their reg list. Guests can settle in, enjoy some appetizers and drinks, and set sail into alternate realities, far-away galaxies or exotic beaches.

Take things to the next level and work with Kapow to organize take-home virtual reality systems for VIP attendees so your event is always in focus.

T Time

Casual office wear is invading even the most buttoned-up industries, and perfecting the “smart casual” look is a must to maintain a sense of professionalism. Nice fitting, quality T-shirts are a staple in many wardrobes since they transcend work and play, but regular T-shirt replacements are a must. Treat your smart, yet casual, clients to high-end, Marine Layer T-shirts and other California inspired apparel that couldn’t be more comfortable or just plain cool.

Founded in San Francisco by a T-shirt wearing professional, Marine Layer offers apparel that guests want to buy and are excited to wear at the office, at home or out on the town. Plus, all locations have an intimate vibe with beachy decor and oversized tropical plants.

Want more creative multi-event ideas? Browse the Kapow website or reach out to our team of event experts to start planning, booking and scaling your 2019 multi-event program.


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