2019 Fall Event Trends Forecast

While we may have to wait a little longer to break out the scarves and cocoa, it’s never to early to dig into corporate event trends for the coming season. Although it can be easy to lament the loss of warm temperatures and outdoor events, our fall forecast aims to prove that the fun doesn’t stop, even when the sun starts setting a little earlier. Finish out the year with maximum attendance, increased client engagement and a full sales pipeline with the exclusive 2019 fall event trends forecast. 

Enclosed rooftops keep the party going

It’s a common misconception that once the summer ends, so too must those late nights spent stargazing and people-watching on a swank rooftop. But it just isn’t so! Although city-slickers might miss out on the twinkle of the night sky, there are no shortage of enclosed, climate-controlled rooftops to take advantage of when the bluster of autumn comes full blast. You’ll still get the same stunning views, without needing to expose yourself and your guests to the harsh elements of the outdoors.

Venues with climate controlled rooftops tend to be new and trendy, highly desirable settings that your guests will be clamoring to get into. Even better, these venues are often centrally-located within bustling neighborhoods within or adjacent to city centers. This makes for convenient commutes from the office and back to your guests’ homes. 

Childhood games can give you an indoor outlet

A lot of professionals dread Fall because it feels like it’s impossible to avoid spending all your time indoors. But what if we told you that spending time indoors didn’t have to be a sedentary drag? It’s true! Bowling, laser tag, arcade games, and even cornhole are all great ways to get active while still playing indoors. Reminiscent of childhood games, these low-impact events provide a cozy intersection between activity and relaxation.

Even better, these fall events can help build camaraderie and morale just as the weather outside can cause it to slump. It’s hard not to come into work the next day when you know you’ve aced your manager in a game of air hockey and had a few laughs in the process. If that’s not enough, many of these types of low-impact games can also be brought directly to your office, which is a handy segue into our next Fall trend!

Bring the fun to you with mobile events

As the days get shorter, it can become rather tempting to cut out a little early or bail on social commitments. We’ve all done it, and corporate happy hours, dinners and gatherings can suffer from the same doldrums. Luckily, you can curtail the temptation to skip out on social events by bringing events to you. Pop-ups and add-ons are ideal for this: no need to rally the troops when the event comes to the office! These rain-or-shine events can be the perfect reward at the end of a challenging day, and put a little extra pep in your step as you leave after some easy socializing.

Additionally, there are numerous statistics that prove an add-on, especially a retail offering, will actually make guests more likely to attend your event. Even if you can’t bring an add-on to the office, a pop-up can add a high-end or memorable touchpoint to your Fall event. When the temperatures begin to dip, a good mobile event add-on can be worth its weight in gold. Fall trends don’t have to be location-based, and sometimes it’s better if they’re not.

Breweries: the ultimate in Fall trends

Autumn’s association with beer is undeniable, making a brewery event the absolute gold standard when it comes to Fall trends. Oktoberfest, ciders, collegiate tailgates…you can’t beat it. Even if you’re lamenting the end of summer, there’s always something to be said for gathering as the sun sets on a crisp autumn day enjoying a nice, full-bodied beer as you bond with your coworkers. Even if you’re not a beer drinker, ciders and sours are ideal treats for warming your bones amid some good company.

Breweries also tend to feature rustic, industrial interiors, with bar-style sitting alongside big windows. Few things in the fall are better than watching the wind whip through the trees through a window thinking, “I’m so glad I don’t need to go out in that.”

Feeling inspired and ready to tackle your 2019 fall event program? Check out Kapow.com for all these fall-favorite event types that are easy to book, plan and scale or reach out to our team of event experts for custom options and ideas. 


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