5 Ways to Get Active And Outside This Spring

The health benefits of exercise are familiar territory by this point, but did you know that getting active with your team or prospects can also drive quantifiable results at work as well? Several studies indicate that getting active can help boost your work performance and productivity. In fact, the Harvard Business Review reports that when employees exercise during the day, they report better work performance and time management.

If you stay active, you can experience better work focus and an increase in energy. This in turn ensures that your team—or even better, you and your customers—are bonding and making memories. These memories and bonds leave lasting impressions, which help you just as much as the health benefits do. Check out some of the best ways to get active and outside this season.

  1. Yoga

Yoga can help relieve stress, enhance attention and concentration and calm the nervous system according to Psychology Today. All of these benefits can help you, your team or your business prospects focus on day-to-day work and be present and ready at meetings and events. Yoga can also give a group of people a shared sense of community and togetherness. What’s better for teambuilding or building relationships? Now that the weather is warming up, take your practice outside and reap the mind clearing benefits of fresh air with your group.

Try these:

Yoga at Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago

Drunk Yoga at the venue of your choice in New York

Yoga on the National Mall in DC

corporate glamping

  1. Glamping

The benefits of fresh air are well documented. We all know that connecting with nature can be just what the doctor ordered, especially after an especially stressful event like a meeting or a conference. Share the love and get back to basics—well luxurious basics—with a corporate “glamping” trip with your colleagues, partners or customers. Glamping is best explained by the experts at glamping.com as “where stunning nature meets modern luxury. It’s a way to experience the untamed and completely unique parts of the world—without having to sacrifice creature comforts.”

Try these:

Glamping in Nashville

Glamping in Chicago

Glamping in Denver

  1. Outdoor concerts

Everybody remembers their first concert. And, if you play your cards right, everyone will remember the concert festival that you gave them VIP passes to with these exclusive events. Music helps memories imprint in people’s brains and later helps evoke vivid memories. Check out this BBC article that explains the science behind this phenomenon, and then invite your favorite clients to one of this summer’s concerts festivals and reap the benefits of treating someone to a night they’ll never forget.

Try this:

Book VIP tickets or group passes to an outdoor festival

  1. Competitive group exercise

We all have co-workers who can make anything into a competition. At Kapow, our accounting team used to compete to see who could format an Excel spreadsheet the fastest—but that’s another story for another time. But even for the less competitive among us, friendly competition can break the ice between strangers and form new bonds between acquaintances. Getting the adrenaline pumping outside has obvious health benefits, and the social and mental health benefits are countless as well. Need proof? Check out this Business Insider article with 12 science-backed reasons about how getting outside is good for you.

Try these:

Rowing in Philly

Hike in San Francisco

Navy SEALS training in San Diego

  1. Outdoor racing

    corporate racecar driving

Getting outside and enjoying the scenery doesn’t necessarily mean you need to tap into your hippie side. If the rush of adrenaline is more your thing, there are still a lot of ways you can get in on the outdoor action and fulfill your need for speed. And even if you or your guests aren’t exactly athletically inclined, outdoor racing events mean you can still get in on the action. With an outdoor driving event, you can still take advantage of the sharpened focus and lowered stress levels that the fresh air brings.

Try these:

GoCars in San Diego

Exotic cars in San Francisco

Supercar driving in Denver

It doesn’t matter whether you want to work up a sweat, channel your inner Speed Racer or simply soak up the breeze this spring. Simply getting outside the office with your group will boost your focus, leave you feeling energized and help you bond with your guests. Don’t miss out on the best of what the season has to offer.

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