2018 Mid-Year Event Trends

You can typically predict the success of a corporate event by analyzing a few key elements —invitation strategy, timeline and location. But, without question, the coolness factor reigns as a key predictor to how many qualified prospects will be checking in day of and how much face time your sales team will land.

To ensure that your events get attendance, drive pipeline and leave your sales team singing your praises, we’re bringing you the list of 2018 mid-year event trends that you can’t afford to miss. Use these 2018 mid-year event trends to tease your event in invitation outreach, get guests to show up, and make sure that your brand is seen as relevant and in touch with what your target prospects want. With the right execution, you’ll have hosted an event that is talked about for weeks, months —maybe even years—to come.

1. Kombucha + Infused Spirits
With the growing popularity of yoga and farmers’ markets, it’s probably no shock that beverages are following suit. Naturally infused beverages are growing in popularity with working millennials and their older and younger counterparts. Natural flavors and brewing is associated with health and wellness, which initially gave it legs. But today, natural flavors and brewing are influencing and adding some pizzazz to classic spirits and cocktails. Get in on the trend with hands-on brew-your-own-kombucha classes, tea-infused cocktail making or a simple infused-vodka tasting.

2. Unplugging
In today’s constantly connected world, face to face interactions without the distraction of devices are rising in popularity. Give your guests a chance to escape and unplug to get a leg up on your competition. Since the majority of people are connected to some variation of device from sunup to sundown, the opportunity to power off and devote their attention elsewhere is tempting. From outdoor activities (think golfing, kayaking, scavenger hunt) to indoor activities (think cooking class, celebrity Q&A, rock climbing), events that unplug deliver uninterrupted face time for you and a chance to detox for them.

Farmhouse3. Hyperlocal and plant-based ingredients
Similar to natural drink infusions, hyperlocal, farm-sourced or plant-based ingredients have continued to gain popularity in the culinary sector because of their roots in health and wellness. Simply claiming to be “organic” doesn’t quite cut it these days. Guests still crave farm-to-table … and preferably a farm within driving distance. People have become more and more conscious about what they put into their bodies, and hosting an event that supports these efforts will help boost attendance. Booking a locally sourced farm-to-table dinner or cooking class will gain you extra points with attendees when they don’t have to schedule an extra gym visit.

4. Reconcepted spacesGelso & Grand
Movie theater turned upscale restaurant? Airport terminal turned glamorous reception hall? Yes, please! When sourcing your Q3 events look for creative vendors who stepped outside the box when establishing their space. Increased interest in physical health has inadvertently increased environmental awareness, making restaurateurs who chose to refurbish vs. build new more popular among f&b influencers. These spaces give you exciting content to highlight in your invitations and topics to discuss during the event.

Ready to put these 2018 mid-year event trends to the test and score big at your next event? Check out our 25 markets across the country or reach out to start planning a custom experience that prospects won’t be able to decline.


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