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Sometimes things fall through the cracks– we’ve all been there before! Between coordination, invites, and finding the perfect activity, it can be difficult trying to set up your own corporate event with a limited amount of time on your side. Here at Kapow!, we get it, and our team of event experts are here to help! We sat down with new employee Erica Matherly to hear a little bit more about a client who found themselves in this exact scenario, and how she was able to help pull off a great event– in under 24 hours!

What did the client ask for? Were there any logistical challenges?

EM: “The client specifically requested a virtual charcuterie board workshop, where each attendee would learn how to build their own charcuterie boards taught by a professional. All of the attendees received a kit that was shipped to them so everyone was assembling the same board. Although the attendees were located all over the country, this virtual event was a great way to bring everyone together!”

Were you nervous or hesitant about the timeline at all initially?

EM: “Quite frankly, I am always a little nervous, but mostly excited when it comes to timelines! However, I think this “nervousness” so to speak helps me meet all my deadlines in a timely fashion. Being new to Kapow!, any time an event is assigned to me I am excited to partake in the event process and learn with every project I take on.”

Talk us through how you planned and booked the event so quickly. That turnaround is crazy fast!

EM: “The client initially requested a specific charcuterie board workshop, which made things pretty quick from my side! Once I had the request from the client, I was able to get a proposal sent out that same day. Together we were able to get the event details finalized in less than 24 hours. When a client is given the task of event planning, often it can seem overwhelming to them. I think that once a client connects with Kapow!, they quickly see how we organize an event down to the last detail so that they can focus on hosting and networking with their guests.”

What were the metrics? How many people, what city, and how quickly?

EM: “This event was originally 12 attendees and then increased to 14. This event was virtual, so the attendees were be able to attend nationwide so long as they had the meeting platform address (which was sent over in advance!).”

What sort of suggestions do you have for companies looking for fun, unique events with a quick turnaround?

EM: “For companies looking for events with a quick turnaround, I would absolutely suggest a virtual event. The quick turnaround time, especially for virtual events that do not require any shipping, is a huge plus. These specific events can typically be sewn up within a couple days! Another reason that virtual events are so appealing is how they have the capability to bring teams together and build company morale even when your team is spread across the country! I was able to personally experience the degree of team building through a virtual event just last week. HUNGRY Virtual Xperience hosted a holiday showcase for us here at Kapow!, and at the end of the hour-long event I felt like I knew my team better and had a great time bonding with them. I was able to have a “girls’ night” so to speak with my coworkers spread throughout the country, all while in the comfort of my own home. With the holidays coming up, many of our vendors are very much so in the holiday spirit, and are offering a wide variety of virtual events featured on Kapow!” 

With the holiday season quickly approaching, we recommend booking virtual events (especially those that require shipping!) at least four weeks in advance. That said, with the help of our team of rockstar event specialists, we’ll be able to help in a pinch! Check out all of our listings (virtual and in-person!) on kapow.com.


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