3 Reasons to Book Private Screenings

By Jennifer Mitchell, Marketing Copywriter | November 15, 2016 | Posted in Event Spotlights, Event Tips, Movies

Private screenings are tried and true corporate events. We love them here at Kapow and we’ve found they’re perfect for employee appreciation, client acquisition and client entertainment events. Here are a few reasons why our clients have had a big success with movie private screenings.

Entertain a large group without breaking the bank

movie-theater Movie private screenings are great because they tend to be fairly inexpensive—roughly $40 per person. This allows you to entertain a larger group than if you were hosting a private dinner or buying a suite at a game. If you’re entertaining clients, it means higher event ROI. If you’re hosting an employee appreciation event, you may have the opportunity to allows guests to bring their families, which helps boost workplace morale and camaraderie. And if you’re entertaining a group that may not know each other, the movie acts as a talking point and something to bond over. The best part, despite the low price per head, you’re still able to roll out the red carpet for your guests. They’ll feel like VIPs with the entire theater to themselves, especially if they’re seeing a movie before it’s released to the general public.

Movie events increase attendance

Private screenings also tend to increase event attendance because movies have universal appeal. This is especially true when must-see movies come out. When a big blockbuster is released, people are bound to see it, so they might as well see it for free at your event. This is an easy way to attract big decision makers for a comparatively low cost. And because the event revolves around viewing a movie, your can rest assured that your event is going to be a hit with minimal agenda deliberation.

Attendance is increased further when you host a pre-screening the day before the movie is released to the public. Pre-screenings are only available on one day, so it applies some pressure to your guests to show up on the specific date you’ve chosen.

Opportunities to showcase your brand


One major advantage of private screenings is that they’re, well, private. Your group will have reign over the entire theater, so you can give a presentation or welcome speech before the movie starts. You’ll also have the ability to brand the space or hand out company swag that relates to the movie. And because movie events are easily scaleable, you can run 60+ movie events concurrently and create branded collateral with a film-related theme for all of the events (i.e.- The force is strong with Kapow).

And as always, when you book with Kapow you get reward points, customizable digital invitations, check-in tools and a post-event report with attendee survey responses about the effectiveness of your event.  

Ready to book your private screening? Click the button below to request your private screening or pre-screening event with Kapow. Then grab the popcorn and kick back with your guests.


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