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Curating and delivering quality corporate events has been the core mission of Kapow since conception. As we grow, we continue to fine-tune how to harness all facets of corporate event demand. Over the past few years there has been a steady spending increase on events, with one in three CMO’s saying they plan to allocate 21 to 50 percent more of their budgets to brand-experience marketing, including events surrounding conferences. Through various calculated efforts in 2017, we’ve tapped into that increased demand and aligned ourselves with top marketing conferences across the U.S. by developing our Conference Extend program. The program has allowed us to better serve the needs of attendees and exhibitors, and provide additional exposure for our venue and vendor partners. Here’s how it works.

Pre-conference communication

Our Account Managers make it their job to know the inner workings of their clients’ calendars, including which conferences they plan to attend. When a conference is identified, we assemble a communication plan—a dedicated landing page featuring nearby venues, branded and personalized emails, social posts—that gets your spaces and services in front of the powerful players that will be booking events at the conference. We also take this time to reach out to venue partners to ensure calendars are up to day, so our clients can book their events online without any effort on your part.

Conference-branded pages

With more than 75% of tradeshow attendees traveling more than 400 miles to attend, the majority of attendees are not familiar with the options in the region. In comes Kapow. With each conference, we create a conference-branded webpage that allow attendees to see which venues are near the hotel or convention center and have availability. We then send the page link over to the conference marketing team. They add the Kapow-hosted page link on their conference site and include messaging in their emails to attendees, exhibitors and sponsors, so the page is easily accessible. 

Kapow conference presence

In Q3 and Q4 of 2017, Kapow attended several conferences and made use of the Conference Extend platform to book evening networking events for prospects. These events gave us the opportunity to introducing potential clients to the Kapow platform and our amazing list of suppliers. One successful event, was held at Holsteins in Las Vegas. Not only could attendees enjoy the famed Holsteins boozy milkshakes, but they could enter to win sunglasses from Sunglass Hut through the added pop-up shop.

While the Conference Extend program is continuously being worked on, we plan to roll it out to several more conferences in 2018. So be sure your calendars are up to date and your experiences are fresh—and don’t hesitate to submit new experience ideas through your Kapow Account. Sign into your account, click “Add/edit experience”, complete the form and a your Kapow Market Manager will be in touch ASAP!


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