Teambuilding Events To Bring You Closer

While the only teambuilding some events might accomplish is an organized group groan, if done well, teambuilding can build trust and even be fun! In a recent episode of WorkLife with Adam Grant, Adam discusses how astronauts on the International Space Station have to work together to live in a small capsule and accomplish their missions. One of the ways these astronauts learn to bond is by going into the wilderness with just a survival guide so they can learn to depend on each other—even if they don’t always get along. Your team probably won’t need such an extreme event, but if you’re looking for something more stimulating than a group icebreaker, check out some of our favorite events below.

cityHUNT (various locations)

Work together with your colleagues to solve a city-wide scavenger hunt from cityHUNT. CityHUNT hires trained Adventure Guides to steer your group as they collaborate to solve puzzles and answer trivia as they explore their city in a way they’ve never seen before. A mobile app will help your teams track their progress and get updates as they work together. Your group will be able to build trust and teamwork as they explore the ins and outs of their city with a cityHUNT-curated experience.

Team Concepts, Inc. – Boathouse Row rowing practice (Philadelphia)

Work together to propel a boat along the Shuylkill River under the guidance of former Olympic athletes with this event from Team Concepts, Inc. Dan Lyons, a renowned 1988 Olympic rower and his team of fellow Olympians will teach your group the basic concepts behind successful rowing techniques. Your group will also be able to enjoy the views of the historic and beautiful Boathouse Row as they exercise their bodies and minds with group activity. The event ends at a private boathouse where your group will be able to enjoy their hard work with hors d’oeuvres and cocktails.

The Game Theater – teambuilding diplomacy game (various locations)

Trade in your robes and wizard hat for a role playing game with geopolitical implications. Combining theatrical flourishes with a unique social deduction element, you and your group will pretend to be great nations coming together for a peace summit, and must work together to thwart “warmongers” who will stop at nothing to ensure the resolutions don’t pass. Every guest will be given a secret objective at a location you specify, making it perfect for team building in a place that’s convenient for everyone to attend.

Big Escape Rooms – escape room challenges (Atlanta)

Collaborate with your coworkers to escape a room in 60 minutes or less with Big Escape Rooms. Your guests will be able to choose from one of four escape room concepts and compete in a speed trial in order to see who can solve these puzzles the fastest. Your group will also be able to enjoy stationed appetizers and their choice of two alcoholic beverages while they wait.

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