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If you don’t live in New York, LA or Chicago, you can start to feel a little neglected. And we get it! Important business gets done all across the United States, not just on the coasts and off of Lake Michigan. So chafe no longer at the designation secondary market. You’re primary in our hearts, and Kapow has hundreds of experiences across the states. So chin up secondary markets, we’ve got you covered with exciting events just like these.

Nashville: Music City

Nashville has long been an open secret when it comes to destinations to visit—and for good reason. Situated on the Cumberland river, Nashville is Tennessee’s capital and most populous city, well known for its music, nightlife and drinks. It’s hard not to have a good time in Nashville, whether you’re craving some authentic Cantonese street food (yes, really), an absinthe tasting, or an upscale buffet in a historic movie theater, there’s a lot to love about Nashville—even if you don’t like country music. Although if you do, there’s plenty of opportunities to do the boot scootin’ boogie. It’s a secondary market in name only.

Portland: Stumptown living

Sleater-Kinney’s Carrie Brownstein and Saturday Night Live‘s Fred Armisen have been repping the Rose City on Portlandia for years at this point. And it’s hard not to see why: home to numerous alternative comics publications, artisanal coffee and more farm-to-table options than almost anywhere else in the country, Portland exudes some serious cool. In addition to that, it maintains the largest park within city limits you can find within the United States. In Portland you can enjoy white water rafting and BBQ or a beer and brat tasting at an artisanal sausage shop.

Columbus: discovering The Discovery City

Don’t sleep on Columbus. The third most populous state capital in the nation and second most populous city in the Midwest (behind Chicago, of course), Columbus is fast growing and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. You can enjoy the boutique delights of Short North or the history and landmarks of the German Village in this bustling college town. After you do that, you’re free to attend a pizza making class with optional flower arranging, an authentic German brewery tour. If you need something a little wilder, you can even indulge in a BYOB axe throwing tournament as well.

San Diego: America’s Finest City’s finest attractions

There’s a lot to love about San Diego. The perfect Southern California climate, the beaches, the parks—and its close proximity to Los Angeles gives it the feeling of an oasis just shy of the border of Baja. When you’re not enjoying the city’s bayside downtown, there’s a lot to take in between the city’s sprawling Balboa Park, historic Spanish missions and take in its copious museums while enjoying a comfortable climate year-round. Visitors to the city can also enjoy attractions like a sushi rolling class, a Gaslamp district tasting tour and a mobile mixology class brought to a venue of their choice. If that’s not enough, you can also relax like a real San Diegan with a luau-themed lunch and surf board-shaping event on the beach.

Orlando: the buckle of the Sun Belt

As you’d expect from “the Theme Park Capital of the World,” it’s hard to run out of things to do in Orlando. Even if you’ve already enjoyed the sights and sounds of parks like Walt Disney World, Universal Studios Florida, Sea World Orlando and Gatorland, there’s still plenty more to see. From the idyllic Bok Tower Gardens to the arresting view of the Orlando Eye, there’s more to the City Beautiful than roller coasters. Guests in the city can also pass the time with a progressive four-course dinner in downtown’s Restaurant Row, indulge your sweet tooth with some seriously good cocktails or cool off with drinks in an ice bar.

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