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Now that warm weather is upon us, there are no shortage of outdoor event ideas for you and your group to explore, but savvy events planners know the true holy grail of summer is the rooftop event. But what makes the perfect rooftop soiree? As with any event, it depends on what you’re trying to accomplish. But if you’re new to rooftop events, we’ve got some suggestions for you on what to be looking for.

Pick a rooftop event with a good view

A rooftop event lives or dies by its view—it’s what you’re paying for after all. Arguably the most important feature when hosting a rooftop reception or dinner is the view your guests will be getting. An event further out from the downtown will give your group an arresting view of the skyline. You can also choose to position your event closer to downtown, like with a rooftop cocktail reception at Chicago’s Joy District. Here you can take in the surrounding skyscape and still be in the hustle and bustle of the city.

Drinks or dinner?

The bulk of rooftop events are cocktail receptions, such as this rooftop party at Chateau Rooftop and Gardens. However, there are other options if a different mood is required. Take for example, a three course rooftop meal provided by Above 60 in Los Angeles. A semi-private dining trellis will greet your guests as they enjoy delicio

us food and an arresting view of Beverly Hills. Whether you’re looking to live it up or just enjoy the company of top clients or employees in an arresting, open air venue, the choice is yours.

Pay attention to the setting

One of the best aspects about a rooftop event is the sheer amount of variation you can get in rooftop designs. Take, for instance, the Haven’s elegant rooftop reception. Nestled in the appropriately named Sanctuary Hotel and located in the hustle and bustle of Times Square, the Haven’s palm trees and muslin curtains expertly mimic the look and feel of a desert oasis. It’s perfect for getting out of Midtown’s chaos to re-center and enjoy some seriously good cocktails while you’re at it.

Check the weather—or get a weatherproof venue

The Achilles’ heel of rooftop events is that they’re weather dependent. It’s the curse of an open-air venue, but it’s not insurmountable. If you’re a little nervous about having to predict weather when you’re scheduling events, you can always look into a weatherproof rooftop—yes, they exist! Magic Hour, Moxy Hotel’s rooftop destination, is fully weatherproofed with five distinct areas for your group to explore and unwind in.

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