Best Events for Guests with Food Allergies and Dietary Restrictions

Not all of us have adventurous appetites. Sometimes it’s by choice, and sometimes it’s due to a food allergy or other dietary restriction. In the latter case, careful planning is a necessity to make sure everyone feels accommodated and welcomed at your event. In either case, there are tons of options for event planners or field marketers to choose from when planning an event around a specific appetite or allergy. Below are some of our favorite appetite-conscious selections.

Gluten-free eating at Seattle Cider

Nestled in the Emerald City’s Cap Hill neighborhood, Seattle Cider exudes ambiance—from its two-story, fishing village-style pub exterior to its cozy wood paneled interior complete with iron chandelier and local art. For the dietary restricted among your group, Seattle Cider also has an additional claim to fame: a fully gluten-free menu, perfect for sampling while playing a spy-themed puzzle adventure with your group.

Vegetarian tasting menu at Honey Salt

Indulge in farm-to-table fare at Honey Salt, Las Vegas’s premier destination for vegetarian food. After being welcomed to their semiprivate space in the restaurant, the chef will speak a little about Honey Salt’s history and cuisine before serving the group a five course vegetarian meal with sommelier-paired wines. This event is a great way to explore farm-fresh vegetarian options with your co-workers or clients.

Plant-based dining at Farmer’s Keep

Enjoy a cooking class at Farmer’s Keep, an urban eatery with a passion for sustainability. Ensuring that dishes are free from additives and grease, ingredients are sourced daily from a variety of local farmers. In addition, there is no need to worry about food allergies! Every meal at Farmer’s Keep is dairy-free, gluten-free, egg-free, nut-free and shellfish free.

Vegan bites at Charlie was a sinner.

Host a mixology event at this swanky midtown spot. The plant-based menu at Charlie was a sinner. is totally free of animal products, GMOs and pesticides, making it perfect for your vegetarian, vegan and health-conscious guests. But the lack of meat and dairy shouldn’t scare the carnivores. The imaginative and complex flavoring is sure to satisfy every guest.

Vegetarian pasta at Commonwealth Market & Restaurant

Learn how to make ricotta gnocchi from scratch and indulge in fresh vegetarian pasta dishes at Commonwealth Market & Restaurant. Sitting at the banks of the Charles River, Commonwealth Market & Restaurant is a charming, rustic and elegant destination for farm-fresh dishes and one-of-a-kind cocktails.

Gluten-free pizza making at Le Pain Quotidien

Pizza tossing events have always been a hit at Kapow. And the Le Pain Quotidien event is no different. Learn how to toss and craft artisanal pizzas before enjoying your creations. If given 48-hours notice, Le Pain Quotidien is able to prepare gluten-free dough for your gluten-free guests. 

Every palate is different, but with these suggestions you should be more than prepared to cater to even the most restricted eater. Explore dinner options and more at kapow.com and let us help you throw the best event your company has ever seen.


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